Top 8 Clash of Clans Tips to Build an Attack Strategy

The famous Clash of Clans is an iconic mobile game for you to play, just like Angry Birds or Words with Friends. The game has many players that want to get ahead, or use gems, or want to speed up production for something. If you are a player, you understand the need for resources for buying items, building, or units. At the same time, you don’t want to invest money into the game, but you can do something better. You can now use the tips and tricks from us and go ahead in Clash of Clans for free.

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  1. The Base Building Guide – you must take note that you need a base configuration at every level. The developers are offering a lot of videos for helping you, depending on your level, to understand and have a better strategy for placing your walls, to make an excellent configuration to your buildings, or how to deflect your enemies. Clash of Clans received a new mode for a vast expansion. In this expansion, you will see that the buildings and units are working differently as you get used to in the primary base mode. For maximizing your gems and your resources, you need to maximize your main base and to get bonus upgrades.
  2. The Attack Guide – we all agree that the defense is essential, but so it’s the attack. Again, Supercell is offering you guides for creative ways of using your full attack, an efficient attack, and the combination of both units and the target. Don’t worry about your level this time, because you can be more active in attack with better troop direction and more resources.
  3. You Need a Clan – the clan is significant in this game, so either you create one with your friends, or join one with other players. With your teammates, you will attack groups of other players; you will share or donate units for defense or attacks, and receive bonuses.
  4. The Single-Player Mode – if you like the single-player mode, you will have 50 stages that give you five stars as in multi-player. The three stars will come if you destroy the entire base, you destroy the town hall, or you deal with 50% damage. By unlocking things you will receive stars and resources, or if you win battles, you will receive gold and elixir.
  5. A Clean Base – we know it can be annoying to log in every day only for cleaning your base, it cost you from elixir and one builder, but cleaning the junk is important. You receive surprise such as gems, coin boxes, gem boxes, and so clean them as fast as you can.
  6. The Builders – you know that the builder costs you more gems; you need upgrades, and many resources that will take days, not hours. It is essential to save treasures, because from the third builder you cost will get high, from 500 gems to 2.000 gems. The goal is to have the five builders, and you can upgrade faster.
  7. Achievements – you know that the free resource comes from achievements, or when you upgrade and unlock units. Additional work needs to be done, such as troop’s donation to Clan Wars or opening the Builder Base.
  8. Events – with each event comes something to take from. One event can bring you a boost production at a cheaper cost; another event can give you discounts a unit and you receive a challenge from it. Also, elixir and gems will come during the attacks on these events.

Finally, you need attention and use some tips for not paying real money in Clash of Clans, and you can also support the game by buying Clash merchandise.

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