Vidmate Vs. TubeMate – The Battle of the Most Popular Online Video Downloaders

You can’t decide which video downloader to use on your device? We can’t blame you, as there are many such apps to choose from, but we can help you. In this article, we’ll talk about Vidmate and TubeMate, two apps that have cool features. So stay tuned: Vidmate vs. TubeMate – the battle of the most popular video downloaders begins!

On one side of the battlefield, we have Vidmate, a client to download and play videos and music. You can also use it as an app store for applications not available on the Google Play Store. On the other side, there is TubeMate, the application which you can use to download online videos from all major streaming platforms, pretty much like Vidmate.

Both apps are free of charge when downloading on Android, and, with their user-friendly interfaces, they both allow you to pause and resume your downloads whenever you want from an extensive range of websites.

Vidmate Features

Vidmate brags with offering fast downloading and HD videos. If you want to download high-quality music, this is the app for you. It also provides you with over 200 TV channels. Wow, that’s a plus!

Vidmate lets you choose the services you want to use, and if you want to download multiple files at the same time, this is also possible. Also, this video downloader comes with a Night Mode feature.

TubeMate Features

On the other hand, TubeMate allows you to convert videos to MP3, and it uses multiple connections to download faster the videos you want to have on your device and watch offline. You also can choose between several video resolutions, and you can track the progress of downloading videos. Cool stuff, right?

But there are some weak points here, as TubeMate doesn’t have the power of downloading all those videos from streaming services, as many of them can be unavailable. Also, it’s not always possible to download HD videos. Besides, TubeMate frequently crashes on some devices, making it not so comfortable to use in comparison with Vidmate.

Vidmate Vs. TubeMate – And The Winner Is…

You must admit that these two video downloaders are pretty impressive, and they work like a charm in downloading videos and music. The most significant disadvantages that TubeMare has is that it sometimes crashes, something that doesn’t affect VidMate.

Nevertheless, give both Vidmate and TubeMate a shot. Try them both on your Android device, as they are free to download, and choose your favorite one.

However, we recommend you to go with Vidmate as it is more stable, offers Live TV, allows you to download and update Android apps, and is also supporting more streaming services.

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