Pokémon Go Guide: Best Fighting Types – What To Choose?

Pokémon Go has now over 400 Pokémon in the game, so you have to take some decisions and decide who to level up. If you are a trainer with a level lower than 40, you are confronting with a valuable experience when leveling up your Pokémon, especially if dust is a rare resource. Moving to the Legendary Pokémon, you are sure that these are the ones that deserve to be leveled up, but can you choose? Which one will you select when a lot of Pokémon are coming in the game?

What Are the Best Fighting Types in Pokémon Go?

For this category, you can use Machamp and Breloom. With Machamp you will have the best moves from Karate Chop and Dynamic Punch, and you will find the Pokémon in raids. The Karate Chop is a legacy move, so learning it with a TM is out of the question. If you have Breloom, know that the best steps are the Counter and the Dynamic Punch. You can evolve the Pokémon easy, but at the same time, you can lose it if you encounter stronger enemies.

What Are the Best Dark Types?

For this category, you can use Tyranitar and Weavile. Tyranitar is coming with Bite and Crunch, and it’s a pseudo-legendary Pokémon. But take note that it also has a lot of weaknesses. On the other hand, Weavile is coming with Feint Attack and Foul Play. Weavile is weak against different types, but it can do its job.

What Are the Best Dragon Types?

You must have Rayquaza and Dialga. Rayquaza has the Dragon Tail and Outrage, while Dialga has the Dragon Breath and Draco Meteor. If you use Rayquaza, you must know that it’s the hardest hitters and attacker from the game. Dialga can do your job done, but it doesn’t match Rayquaza. In this category, you can also have the non-legendary runner, Salamence. It comes with a Dragon Tail and Outrage which can be learned with TM, and it will hold a lot of the enemies.

What Are the Best Ice Types?

Here we have Mamoswine and Glaceon. Mamoswine is coming with Powder Snow and Avalanche, and Glaceon comes with Frost Breath and Avalanche as well. Using Mamoswine you will have the best ice type from the others, and Glaceon is doing substantial damage as well, but it’s way squishier than Mamoswine.

What Are the Best Psychic Types?

Mewtwo, Azelf, and the non-legendary Espeon are the ones for you. If you use Mewtwo, you will have Confusion and Psychic, and it’s a core powerhouse of the game. Azelf is offering Confusion and Future Sight, but it comes after Mewtwo, and it’s better than Uxie and Mesprit. The non-legendary Espeon has Confusion and Future Sight, and it’s like a light version of Azelf.

What Are the Best Ghost Types?

Here we have Origin Forme Giratina and Gengar. With Giratina-O you will have Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball, and the Pokémon hits hard and take the hits as well. Having this ghost type, you can win everything. Gengar comes with Lick/Shadow Claw or Hex, and the Shadow Ball. You can level up Gengar with TMs, and it’s doing damage when it’s alive.

What Are the Best Rock Types?

Rampardos and Tyranitar are your guys. With Rampardos you have the SmackDown and Rock Slide, while with Tyranitar you have SmackDown and Stone Edge. Tyranitar is an excellent rock-type attacker only in the Community Day move, and Rampardos is attacking very hard.

What Are the Best Ground Types?

Groudon and Garchomp are on your side. The first one’s best moves are Mud Shot and Earthquake, and it’s topping Garchomp who has the same best steps.

What Are the Best Fire-Types?

Blaziken and Moltres are the ones you can use. Blaziken has Fire Spin and Blast Burn, while Moltres comes with Fire Spin and Overheat.

What Are the Best Water Types?

Kyogre and Swampert are on your list. Kyogre has Waterfall and Hydro Pump, while Swampert is coming with the Water Gun and Hydro Cannon. Kyogre is a durable water attacker and a famous Legendary, while Swampert is second after Kyogre.

What Are the Best Electric Types?

Raikou is coming with Thunder Shock and Wild Charge, and Electrivire with the same best moves.

What Are the Best Grass Types?

Here we have Roserade with Razor Leaf and Grass Knot, and Venusaur with Vine Whimp and Frenzy Plant.

What Are the Best Steel Types?

The Metagross comes with Bullet Punch and Meteor Mash, and Dialga that comes with Metal Claw and Iron Head.

What Are the Best Fairy Types?

Gardevoir is coming with Confusion and Dazzling Gleam, while Togekiss comes with Hidden Power or Air Slash and Dazzling Gleam.

What Are the Best Bug Types?

Scizor is coming with the Furrt Cutter and X-Scissors.

What Are the Best Flying Types?

Honchrow is giving you Peck and Sky Attack, and Rayquaza is giving Air Slash and Aerial Ace.

What Are the Best Poison Types?

Roserade comes with Poison Jab and Sludge Bomb, while Gengar comes with Lick or Shadow Claw and Sludge Bomb.

What Are the Best Normal Types?

At this category, we have Porygon-Z and Mewtwo. Porygon-Z has the Hidden Power and Hyper Beam, and it’s the best, while Mewtwo has Psycho Cut and Hyper Bam as the best moves.

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