Minecraft No Sound Windows 10 [Quick Fix]

minecraft no sound windows 10

Minecraft is renowned for, not only its thrilling gameplay, but also its unique soundtrack, which helps keep up players’ spirit. However, a number of players have complained of a “no sound” issue, whereby no sound could be heard while playing the game.

This issue is particularly notorious on Windows 10, and it could be very frustrating when it occurs, as you’d lose the motivation/inspiration offered by the game’s soundtrack.

Anyway, with respect to the factors that could be responsible for this, we’ve come up with some workarounds.

Fix: Minecraft No Sound Windows 10

Below are some fixes you can try:

Fix 1: Check audio settings

First off. do not get ahead of yourself, as this could be a minor configuration issue. So, check to see if your PC is muted. If it’s, simply reverse the action; otherwise, check and reconfigure Minecraft, as appropriate.

To check (and reconfigure) Minecraft’s audio settings:

  • launch Minecraft
  • select Settings (or Options) > Audio (or Music & Sound)
  • set audio/sound to maximum output
  • click OK to apply changes and then exit game

Now, relaunch the game and see if sound is restored.

If the issue persists, try the next fix.

Fix 2: Force reload

This is a rather simple trick, whose efficacy (in fixing the no sound error) has been proven. And provided the initial cause of the issue is a minor glitch and/or the likes, force reloading the game should work.

Simply press the F3 + T keys or the F3 + S keys on your PC to force reload Minecraft. After the reload, the game’s soundtrack should now be audible.

Fix 3: Update audio drivers

Graphics drivers (cards) are to visuals, as audio drivers (sound cards) are to sound/audio! So, if your audio drivers are out-of-date, you’re bound to encounter errors such as this.

Therefore, to fix the “no sound” error, in this case, try and update your audio drivers. To do this, simply navigate to your sound card manufacturer’s website and install the latest drivers on your computer.

After the update, launch Minecraft and see if the “no sound” issue is resolved.

Closing Note

If none of the above fixes works, try and reconfigure the sound settings of your PC (under audio channels > stereo). Ultimately, you may have to reinstall the game from Microsoft Store or the game’s proprietary download site.

Hope you find this helpful?

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