Vonnen Shadow Drive makes any type of Porsche 911 hybrid

The 2013 Porsche 911 Carrera’s powerful electric motor was mounted by Vonnen, which makes the Porsche a hybrid car.

Bill Davis and his team at Vonnen have spent the last three years creating their Shadow Drive system which will transform any Porsche 911 into a high-performance hybrid, utilizing an engine and a small battery to add 150 horsepower and pound-feet of torque to an already remarkable powertrain.

In a time when electric cars are getting recognition regarding their performance, it’s a method to provide those advantages to people who love their older machines. In the following years, Vonnen will develop its system so it will be compatible with older generations of the 911, and then they plan to make it available for other makes and kinds of vehicles. They could even aim to pick up trucks as well.

Vonnen is a new department of Elephant Racing, a shop Chuck Moreland, its CEO, opened approximately 20 years ago. The shop is located in Santa Clara and modifies and maintains Porsches, with many of their customers being weekend racers who want improved suspensions.

At the moment, Vonnen can build its system into any 911 developed between 2012 and 2019. Installation takes around seven days in its shop, but Moreland and Davis hope to get more effective. They also want to make deals with other shops all over the world to gain customers. The team offers a one-year warranty and are planning to go for a more extended period. That is an excellent thing because Porsche itself says it has the right to deny warranty coverage for ‘unapproved modifications.’

Vonnen’s next move will be making the adjustments obligatory to fit Shadow Drive into older versions of the car. Moreland says that a 1970s Porsche 911 is not a fast car, judging by current standards. The Vonnen system would more than duplicate its production,

Entirely, the system comes with approximately 170 pounds to the vehicle, including the weight lost from the removing of the native flywheel and the 12-volt battery the Porsche doesn’t need anymore. That is almost the same as the difference between a full and empty gas tank, or the person you’re probably going to have a ride along and enjoy the experience.

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