What Releases Do We Want to See at E3 2019?  

E3 is much closer than we think, and looking at the participants, Sony is not going to show up. Many fans are speculating a lot of titles and releases for E3 2019, and they are right because each one of us wants to see a new entry. We will see what Microsoft can bring new, because a lot of moves have been made by the company in the last year, and a lot of great names are in development. One of the great titles is Fable 4, which is now developed by Playground Games, but Microsoft takes it. Let’s see what titles we could hope for at the E3 2019.

  1. Animal Crossing – about Animal Crossing we don’t know many things, except the fact that it is in development. We can hope for a release in 2019 or maybe in early 2020, but with what it will come next, still unknown. After playing the previous games of Animal Crossing, fans are wishing for front yards and living spaces, and some of them are rumoring the fact that the next game will have a unique situation based on your work program.
  2. Ghost of Tsushima – even if Sony is skipping E3 this year, the company will have some announcements to do so maybe, even for this game will see some further details. Ghost of Tsushima seems to be an action game with an exciting storyline: the 10th-century Mongol invasion in Japan.
  3. Pikmin 4 – the game is one of the most treasured titles for Nintendo, and since 2015 we have nothing new. A lot of fans are missing the creature designs, the miniature landscapes, and the resource gathering.
  4. Splinter Cell – an exciting game that made a lot of people appreciate the fact that they didn’t need to be fast on the trigger or take legions of people at once because the game is motivating you to think more tactical and get out of hard situations. Because the company has started to tease something about the franchise, we are assuming that we will see it coming soon.
  5. Smash Bros. Brawl 2 – fans are waiting for Smash Bros. Brawl to come with something new, exciting and fantastic at the same time, to have new inclusion such as Katamari Prince, Cuphead, PaRappa, and Totoro.

Finally, maybe E3 2019 can blow up our minds or be a disappointment regarding the new titles that will be revealed. But we all have hopes and dreams, so we will see what E3 2019 is bringing.

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