New Roomba and Braava Mop bot from iRobot Comes With Futuristic Technology

iRobot is an American advanced technology company specialized in designing and building consumer robots for inside and outside of the house. They are known for home autonomous vacuum cleaners Roomba and the floor moppers Braava.

The company announced recently their newest asset: Roomba s9+ which is a self-emptying room-memorizing cleaner for $1,300. It comes as a surprise as only last year the company released another flagship bot, Roomba i7+for $1,100 with a particular feature: cleaning out the dustbin. Its size is smaller from a large sweeper to a single corner brush and has a D-shape design.

The new model, s9+, has a stronger motor having up to 40 times the suction power of its predecessors. Is able to identify carpeting from hardwood flooring increasing or decreasing its suction.

With its new mode, PerfectEdge, users will be able to tell the robot to clean along walls, doors and entryways. The 3D scan sensor will scan surroundings 25 times per second identifying which rooms are already cleaned.  For the time being there is no option to design a program to clean specific areas in your house.

If you are on a low budget you can find very cheap ones under $100. However if you can afford to spend a little more something like Anker’s eufy RoboVac line with app control and voice assistant compatibility will take you somewhere around $200-$300. Although the cheaper bots have less methodical cleaning and less navigation capabilities, their battery life is longer.

Another great model is Braava jet m6 for $500. It has the intelligent mapping, a larger water tank with the option to just press a button to eject the dirty pads into the bin.

It comes with a charging dock where it can returns if the battery is about to die. If you buy together the m6 with s9+ for $1800 you can link them both via iRobot’s app so that the m6 will start automatically mopping right after s9+ is done with vacuuming.

If you would like an alternative, the main s9+ competitor is probably “Neato Botvac D7 Connected” which costs $830 and is letting you draw virtual boundaries using their app.

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