Grand Theft Auto 5 Online: What Cars to Get if you are on a Low Budget

Grand Theft Auto Online (GTA Online) is an open world game based on same map as Grand Theft Auto 5.

One of the main reason GTA Online has become an expensive game is the number of high-priced vehicles. Grinding takes a very long time and the Shark cards are not a great option either. Cash Cards are a form of micro transaction, and using in-game “Shark” branding and offer a different level of GTA$.

Below is a summary of the best value for money cars

  1. Elegy RH8

Considering that you can get it for free, if you are registered on Rockstar’s Social Club, is a very decent option in terms of speed for Sport races. It ranks 4th for the lap time and 33rd for Top Speed and has only 2 seats.

  1. Dominator

Although it is difficult to drive and is not an option for everyone, the Dominator is the best option of Muscle class in terms of lap time and speed. It ranks 10th for Lap time and 8th for Top Speed and has 2 seats. The price is $35,000 and the upgrades will cost you around $114,525.

  1. Schafter V12 (Armored)

If you are on a budget, Schafter V12 is imperative to have as it will protect you from explosions and bullets whether you are in free roam or on a mission. It is $325,000 and the upgrades will take you anywhere near $52,250, but it will worth it. Best option from a speed &effectiveness versus price perspective ranking 1st for Lap Time, 1st for Top Speed. It belongs to Sedans class and has 4 seats.

  1. Schafter V12

Schafter V12 is an alternative for a higher speed vehicle if you are not happy with free Elegy RH8’s performance. As a Sport class it ranks as 24th for Lap Time and 5th for Top Speed so it is slightly faster than its armored version and can be used for both Sedan and Sports races. If you are not afraid of enemies, with its 4 seats, it’s a nice care you can transport your friends with. Half the price, will cost you only $116,000 to buy it and $52,250 to upgrade it.

  1. Banshee 900R

With a price of $670,000 and upgrades of $165,550, the Banshee 900R is a Benny’s upgrade to the Sports class Banshee with one of the highest speeds in the entire game. If you compare with many other good cars the cost is only a fraction and the ratio price vs value is great. It ranks 37th for Lap Time and 5th for Top Speed.

  1. BF400

BF400 it is one of the fastest bikes when pulling a wheelie and can be used in Off-road races. Any regular Off-Road class vehicle will be beaten by the BF400. The $158,500 cash you will spend in upgrades is much higher than the base price which is $90,000 however we suggest you to go for it as it ranks 19th for Lap Time and 3rd for Top Speed. It has 2 seats.

  1. Bati 801

It costs only $15,000 and the upgrades will take you around $45,700. It is incredible that for such a low price and decent performance upgrades cost you can get a motorcycle with very good results for lap time and top speed. Has 2 seats as well and it ranks 5th for Lap Time and 4th for Top Speed.

You can surely get better cars if you have a much bigger budget, however, this is the smallest amount of money you can spend for a garage full of vehicles that will get the job done in most situations and let you save some cash for other purchases.

Buying best cheap cars and waiting to see what you can buy with a bigger amount of money is the best strategy when playing GTA Online.

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