VidMate vs. SnapTube – Which One To Choose?

YouTube is a fantastic app that gives you all the music videos than you could wish for. On the other hand, there are moments when you want to have those video or to watch them offline. Because you can’t download YouTube videos every time you wish with its internal app – Offline Download, other people have thought on an alternative. Privacy policies are the issue that holds you down sometimes with YouTube videos, so what can we do to fix this? From the many applications that we find in the market, users are looking for that one of a kind app. One that can help you easily download videos and music from your device, and to watch or stream the content without an Internet connection. Today we are talking about SnapTube and Vidmate, two applications that have similar functions, especially what we all are looking for – to download videos. We are going to discuss the pros and cons of each one of them, and you can decide later what do you like.


SnapTube is a multimedia application that gives you the possibility to download videos from YouTube. It’s fast, easy, and convenient because you can also play them later without having an Internet connection. The developers have made a simple and intuitive interface for SnapTube, so it’s easy to use. Moreover, with SnapTube, you will have a spectacular download speed. For downloading a video with SnapTube, you can search it on the main page and after you have selected the one you want, tap on the download button and choose the resolution option. Let’s see what the pros and cons we have for SnapTube.


  • The one and the only significant feature that we are looking in an app like this one is the idea of downloading the video for free;
  • You have unlimited videos with SnapTube;
  • SnapTube has a direct MP3 download feature, so you can download everything you want in your device;
  • When you download a video, you can choose the resolution needed, so adjusting your video quality can save you some storage in your phone;
  • The multi-format feature is available for download;
  • All of the videos can be searched in any language and from any genres you want too;
  • You will always find out what is trending;
  • Keywords can be used for an easy search for your videos.


  • Unfortunately, SnapTube is consuming a lot of storage space;
  • SnapTube is available only for Android devices;
  • When talking about movies, the resources are few;
  • You will see that many videos are having restrictions for download.


VidMate, as SnapTube, is an application that gives the user the possibility to download videos and music. But that’s not all! With VidMate you can also download movies too. With VidMate, you can search for different categories of videos, the download is free and fast, and you can even watch them offline.  Many users are considering VidMate the perfect tool for downloading content, so let’s see the pros and cons for it.


  • With VidMate you can download your files to Mp3 or MP4, you choose;
  • VidMate is a flexible and convenient application for daily use;
  • The developers have created a clever and organized interface for VidMate;
  • Of course, the app is free, that’s the purpose;
  • VidMate can be used for over twenty sites, not only YouTube;
  • It is designed not to distort the quality of the videos you are downloading;
  • What can you download with VidMate? You can download high-quality music, unlimited full movies, and TV shows.


  • For the more massive videos you will need a high-speed Internet connection;
  • Unfortunately, editing or cutting features aren’t available;

To sum up, you can see the similarities between the two applications, SnapTube and VidMate, so it’s up to you to choose based on your needs.

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