GBWhatsApp 7.00 APK Available to Download with New Hide Features

WhatsApp doesn’t satisfy you anymore? But the other chat app doesn’t fit you as well? So you are still using this stiff WhatsApp version because you are used to it and it’s more natural, right? We have a proposal for you and your current old and rigid WhatsApp application. Have you heard about GBWhatsApp? Yes, it’s like WhatsApp only it has GB in front. And not only this, it has many features and changes that you are not having on your original WhatsApp version.

What Is GBWhatsApp?

GBWhatsApp is another version of WhatsApp, but with many changes and features that you don’t have in your current one. GBWhatsApp is upgraded monthly, and you have a lot of privacy options, a lot of themes and features, you can hide notifications, or send larger files. Don’t you worry, this application won’t damage your phone. It’s safe and free to use.

What Features Is GBWhatsApp Offering?

  • You can hide your Online Status: if you want to appear offline to everyone, you can use this feature and hide your online status. They will see only the last date you were logged in.
  • You can hide the Blue Ticks: by applying this feature, your blue ticks will be hidden when you receive a message.
  • You can hide your Second Tick: this feature is working the same as the one from above, only that is hiding the other tick when you are delivering messages.
  • You can hide your Writing Tick: if you don’t want your friends to know when you are writing, use this feature. It can apply for both groups and private chats.
  • You can hide your Recording Status: this feature can be used when you record a voice note, and you want to hide the status of recording.
  • You can hide the Blue Microphone: when you open a voice message, you can use this change for not showing the Blue Microphone.
  • You can hide your View Status: you can hide your name, but you can view any status from your contacts.
  • Anti-Revoke feature: it has happened to you sometimes, that a message was sent and after that deleted, right? Using GBWhatsApp, you can read the deleted messages, and you can prevent even your friends from deleting the messages after they have sent them. Also, by clicking on the contact info, you can revoke the messages.
  • You can custom Privacy for a Specific Contact: if you want to set a privacy option on a specific contact, you can do that without applying it to the others. Just click on the contact name and then Privacy.
  • You can download a status: GBWhatsApp gives you the chance to save any status to your device and to download videos and photos from your contacts.
  • You can share bigger files: yes, sharing is possible on the regular WhatsApp version, but it’s limited with GBWhatsApp you can share any data up to 100MB.
  • Turn On and Off media Download: if you have a specific contact that doesn’t have to receive files from you, you can turn off all audio, videos and photos by clicking on the contact name and select Media Auto-Download.
  • The Camera: any pictures and videos can be sent without restriction quality to be a problem.
  • The Gallery: this one is amazing!! You can send up to 100 files(audio, video, photo) at once. How’s that for a chat app?
  • Location: real-time location can now be shared with your contacts, and they can point you on a map.
  • Contacts: if you want to send some files to many people without adding them to a group, you can do this with GBWhatsApp. You can select up to 200 contacts at once and send them files.

How to Download and Install GBWhatsApp?

  1. Download GBWhatsApp for Android and Install it.
  2. If you want to keep your old chat, a backup is needed. So go to WhatsApp Settings- Chats- Backup.
  3. After the backup is completed, install GBWhatsApp. Click AGREE and CONTINUE – allow access to every message that GBWhatsApp is showing you.
  4. Enter your telephone number and wait for the GBWhatsApp verification code. After your number has been verified, you can start the backup restore process.
  5. When you have finished with this too, you can now begin making some changes on your GBWhatsApp (name, profile picture, themes, and many more).

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