​PES 2019 myClub Tips Guide – What You Need To Know

Pro Evolution Soccer’s mode myClub has been among the most favorite, allowing players to create a team of superstars. The mode has sustained a significant improvement in PES 2019, adjusting aspects such as the menus, ranking systems and even how players are collected.

Here are a few tips for achieving success in myClub’s world:

  1. Complete objectives

You can find the objectives in the myClub Records, including everything from playing matches to signing new players. Multiple initial challenges reward myClub Points, a priceless source of currency that can prove to be crucial as you advance.

  1. Hire a new manager

Managers have skill levels in myClub. By collecting players to your team, you equip their level. The skilled the player, the quicker you reach the top level.

  1. Join the Weekly PES League

In Divisions’ place you can find Weekly PES League, a system for earning GP depending on your achievements in leveled matches. Complete 10 ranked matches in myClub, then go to the Weekly PES League and you’ll be introduced into a division. Earn points by winning matches, which equalizes to more GP per week and advances you to better leagues.

  1. Train your squad wisely

Your every player can be trained. You do this by playing them in games, by collecting Special Trainers and switching players you do not want in EXP trainers. By assigning an EXP trainer to a highly talented player of your squad can propel them, especially if both players have the same attributes.

  1. Save your contract tickets

When purchasing new players via agents, as well as when you sign player contracts, you’ll have to spend your GP. Since it can get costly in the long run, the best move you can do is to use free contract tickets, and renew the deals of your most talented players with no extra cost. You can obtain tickets via gameplay rewards, objectives or occasional bonuses.

  1. Play the competitions

New competitions are added weekly on the ‘What’s On’ tab.  By competing every week, you can earn GP and new players as you’re set to get a silver-or-greater player or even gold and guaranteed black ball stars as you go.

  1. Scout new players

You get scouts and different grades at the end of a match. You can use these to purchase new players, but if you want to get the best stars, you can combine your scouts to narrow down the probability.

  1. Earn GP through offline modes

You can earn approximately 100k of the game’s currency by playing the game, so variate in trying new celebrations and skill moves, as this is the key. To speed up the course, you can sim seasons in Master League and Become a Legend. ​

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