GTA 6 Update on the Release Date and PS5 Details

Wherever you look, GTA 6 rumors are at every step on the Internet. Everyone, every source, every leak is saying when Rockstar Games is going to release the new game. Since 2013 when GTA 5 came out on PS3 and Xbox 360, the company has delivered the game after, on consoles like PS4, Xbox One and PC, and the GTA online was keeping the fans busy. Because the company has recently launched Red Dead Redemption 2, any other details weren’t given about GTA 6, of course, being preoccupied with this present launching.

What We Find New from the Rumors?

  • The first and the most wide-spread rumors are about the releasing date that it’s expected to be in 2020 and that the timing will be perfect for an exclusive with the PS5 console;
  • Another rumor says that Sony will pay a lot of money to Take-Two Interactive for the exclusivity of GTA 6 on PS5 for a month;
  • GTA 6 will have two enormous cities for more in-depth exploration – the Vice City and Liberty City;
  • Another leak about the release date is again in 2020, but this time it’s more precisely, on the holiday season, from November until December 2020. This rumor was posted in Pastebin from 2018 by an anonymous user, and it was recently discovered;
  • Moreover, the same author of the hoax claims that he or she is a third-party games developer and that’s why she/he has that insight knowledge;
  • Other rumors about locations were released, and they were talking about Chicago or all of the America, and London;

Finally, Sony has revealed some details about PS5 this week, but nothing related to GTA 6 or the launching date of the console. The details are about spec especially, and we’re still not sure if PS5 will be the official name of the console, but for sure we won’t have this year the release date.

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