The Sims 5 Latest Improvements Rumors – What Do We Need?

For 19 years, Ea Games has been topping the charts with their The Sims franchise, including four sequels of the first game and other spin-offs.

According to sources, after TS4’s major success, Maxis developers started working on The Sims 5, although no release date is decided.

Players’ wishes for TS5

Fans have been waiting for the next successor, after the release of The Sims 4 in 2014, having grand expectations that expansion packs and spin-offs can’t fulfill.

The EA forums are full of fan requests and user feedback. Here are five main new features we can all agree belong on our wishlist for TS5.

Sims 5 Wishlist

  1. Bigger Open World

Seamless exploration of the world has been removed along with TS4 and instead we have to select areas from the map, being one of the fans’ biggest concerns. While the previous version of the game had this feature, it presented weaker graphics. It would be greatly appreciated to have an open world with improved visuals.

  1. Character Customization

Players have also expressed their wish to have a wider capacity to customize characters in Create a Sim. They want to be able to create unique characters with personalized features.

  1. Functional Vehicles

Another feature that has been taken away from players in TS4 is working vehicles. Fans desire more vehicles that can be driven around freely in the world.

  1. Realistic Aging Effects

For now, the game only allows for a few age groups. Players expressed the need for a progressive aging effect, that will give The Sims a more realistic feeling.

  1. Default Auto-Save

A long overdue feature for TS5 would be default auto-save. Major complaints have been made from users losing their game progress due to glitches and power cuts.

Release Date

TS5 is still in the works but, having released The Sims every 4 to 5 years, the best guess is that EA will release it next year on the 20th Anniversary of the franchise.

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