Ford’s Sixth-generation Mustang Will Stick Around Until 2026

The Mustang Hybrid It’s Being Pushed Back to 2022

According to a new report from Ford, we will see a little longer the sixth-generation Mustang. The company doesn’t plan to replace it until 2026, and maybe even 2028. Automobile magazine says that Ford wants to keep the S550 Mustang version until they will have a newly redesigned version of the current with new bodywork.

Why Is Ford Stretching Mustang’s Life Cycle?

If we look at the sixth-generation Mustang, the S550, it has been around since 2014. But if you consider that this is a sport coupe car, you will see that they don’t sell in huge numbers anymore, and they are expensive to develop. A good example is the current Dodge Challenger from 2008, and it’s still selling well. Also, another factor that the company took into account is the current market conditions that favor SUVs and electrification cars.

What Do We Know About the Mustang Hybrid?

When Ford announced that the company would incorporate hybrid technology into the Mustang by 2020, the news was received with skepticism from the Mustang fans. But the speed that Ford’s hybrid Interceptor it’s reaching is making people more curious about the new plans. The hybrid market is changing as we see from the great names in the car industry: Porsche, Ferrari, McLaren, Prius, and now why not an American muscle hybrid?

Moreover, Ford has promised that the hybrid version of the Mustang will have V8 power and more low-end torque. But Ford isn’t stopping only at the Mustang model; it wants to include many other vehicles, even the F-150. Making a hybrid Mustang will need enough power for them to live up with the name, but they’ve stated that they’ll make sure to accomplish this without any sacrifice in the power and capabilities area.

Finally, we will have around the sixth-generation Mustang until 2026, and meanwhile, we’ll see the new cars, SUVs, and hybrids made by Ford.

About the Author: Sharon J. Beaulieu

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