5 Fun Business Event Theme Ideas

Attracting investors is no mean feat when you are starting up or trying to expand your business. A business event is a fantastic way to introduce yourself, explain what you do, and why you are worthy of a financial investment. A London event company can certainly help you with everything you need, from the initial concept right through to the big launch.

The business events that really seem to make an impression on investors and also clients are the ones that go above and beyond and not only have the fun factor but also the wow factor.

Corporate events are excellent for company publicity as content from the corporate events can be shared via the business’ marketing and social media channels.

We’ve produced 5 unique business event theme ideas that will not only attract investors but will also highlight both you and your business.

#1 Mad Hatters Tea Party

Of all the iconic and memorable scenes from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, none are more adored than the unforgettable Mad Hatters Tea Party. It captures all the whimsical and charming nonsense of Lewis Carroll’s classic story while giving us a glimpse into a Victorian Tea Party.

This is a fantastic style for an event, bringing the sophistication of a high tea and allowing you to push your creative flair to the limit with furnishings, centrepieces and decorations inspired by Wonderland.

You could even mix it up a little more and opt for a Mad Hatters G&T Party where you can woo your guests with a selection of premium Gins and Botanical Tonics. Cheers!

#2 Murder Mystery Evening

Murder Mystery evenings are a terrific opportunity to meet potential investors and also sit down to a delicious three-course meal. These themed evenings will have your guests dying with laughter as you race to solve the clues and find the murderer in your midst.

During dinner, the characters sit at tables and completely engage throughout the courses, with backstories and complex pasts thrown in to keep you guessing.

The silence is broken abruptly and without warning as our detective host storms in to inform that one of the guests has been murdered. It is now up to you and your friends to solve the puzzles and solve the case!

#3 Sumo Wrestling

We would never suggest fighting with a potential investor but belly bumping one out of the ring Sumo Style is a great source of entertainment for everyone involved.

The inflatable Sumo Suits are available to hire across the UK and provide great fun and laughs for both the clients, investors, and spectators alike!

The object of the exercise is to tussle with each other and bump or push your opponent out of the ring and into submission!

This is perfect for all types of parties and business events and offering a prize to the overall winner, along with drinks and canapes during the evening is a sure-fire way to gauge any investors interest.

#4 Adult Ball Pit

Why should the kids have all the fun??

Unleash your inner child by hiring an Adult Ball Pit. With thousands of balls in a fully enclosed Pool or Pit full of balls that has been designed to keep all the balls within, it is a fun and unique way to entertain your guests.

Create your own Fun House themed event by including items such as popcorn, candy floss or a slushie maker – you could even include some other inflatables such as a bungee run or inflatable pugil sticks, guaranteeing that you’ll have a Fun House Themed Party fit for any occasion that can be delivered straight to your door at the location of your choosing!

If you’ve ever watched Sheldon Cooper in the Big Bang Theory you will know what we mean. Bazinga!

#5 Diner en Blanc

Diner en Blanc, which translates to “Dinner in White,” is a pop-up dinner event that was first made popular in Paris during the late 80s. The now-global trend serves as inspiration for an event that will woo and wow any potential investor.

Ice sculptures, white lanterns, white table wear, white chairs can set the scene alongside living statues, who of course are also dressed in white, which of course the guests are naturally encouraged to wear also.

Diner en Blanc as an event idea combines sophistication, good wine, good food, along with a great ambience that your guests will remember for years to come.

Diner en Blanc events are held across all regions of France and are now starting to become a global phenomenon with dinners taking place in numerous countries across the Western World.

Diner en Blanc can be an organised event by event companies or by yourself, as a local business and are a sophisticated way to hold a dinner party with a continental twist. Ooh la la!

About the Author: Angela Daniel

Angela Daniel is a freelance writer for hire with a specialization in technology, digital marketing, and eCommerce. She works closely with B2B and B2C companies to provide useful and engaging content that converts viewers into customers.

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