How to Download and Install mods for Minecraft?

The possibilities are unlimited in this unique world of Minecraft. But always wanting something more makes the thing more significant. The same happens with the mods when you want. To completely alter the game, one needs to go for mods. Moda can do better additions and expansions, which will change the core of the game. They can help you as well as bring new life to breathe. For those who are playing it for more than a decade needs to learn mods. However, it a risky job to do. So one should be cautious while doing it.  Furthermore, it can only manage on Java Edition of Minecraft on PC.


How to Perfect for Mods in Minecraft

Before going directly to the mods, here are the few things which one needs to keep in mind. Mods are an entertainment when you excel in it. But what if when you do not know it? It can exert your computer more than the original configuration itself.  You need to see the base, and you are a master.  Follow the simple steps written below before you start.

  • Keep in mind the compatibility of your device. If you have a PC or Desktop that can handle medium or high graphics, that’s sufficient.
  • Mods take up additional space on PC, so keep a check on the storage as well.
  • Be precise about changing file names and downloading external programs on the computer.
  • This mods up-gradation requires Minecraft Java Edition. It can not run on Bedrock Version of the Minecraft. To make it work, one needs to have the original behemoth installed. If you don’t have straight grab it.

Installation Process

One would do it have more fun while playing the game. Go for these simple steps.

  • After purchasing the Java Edition of Minecraft, install it. Visit Mojang’s website and click on the  “Download Button”, in the left-hand corner.
  • Click Download for Windows.
  • Locate the “Minecraftinstaller” file in the download folder. Go for Double Click to begin the installation process.
  • Click Next in the new window.
  • The next step will allow you to select the destination for the Minecraft Launcher. Although the default is precise, one can change according to the need.
  • Click the install option to run Minecraft Launcher, your windows will ask for permission which you will have to confirm.
  • For the mods installation, Minecraft requires at least run once on your computer. If it doesn’t start automatically, find it in the App list.
  • After the client updates, click on play.
  • If you get sure that everything is going accordingly, get out of the game and close it. Now move towards for installation of Forge, which will help you in managing mods.

How To Install Java

The Forge program of Minecraft; Java Edition requires Java to run. To run it you have to install Java first. Go for these simple steps.

  • Download Java.
  • Windows will ask for your permission to make changes through Java. So probably, you have to permit it.
  • After you click start, Java will start the process. Eventually, set everything accordingly. From the initial screen, you can also change the folder.
  • Now Java will run on its own. But I’ll suggest restarting your computer.

How to Start Playing Mods

Hoorah! You have successfully installed the Forge. Forge itself will not be a great help to you. However, to run Forge smoothly follow these simple steps.

  • Follow Curse Forge to start browsing. There are several search options. So pin one to begin as par your will.
  • Once you locate mod, go further and click on Download. You can choose the folder where you want to download the mods. Either manually or automatically.
  • Now the time has come to move mods manually in the mods folder. One will find it in the .minecraft folder. You can navigate it to the C:\ drive on your PC. Once you are in, you need to locate your profile name. From here you look for AppData, the Roaming then .minecraft. Alternatively, you can use the shortcut by typing “C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming.minecraft” into the File Explorer’s address bar. One can replace “your name” with whatever your Windows require.
  • If it is not available inside the .minecraft folder, simply create a new folder and name it “mods”. Any downloaded mods will have to move in this folder.
  • Once it is at the desired place, launch Minecraft with the Forge loaded version as per profile. Now have fun!

Things You Need to Be Cautious For

  • One can make multiple mods, at once. Eventually, one can mix and match different types of mods at once.
  • If you face problem while playing the game, with having multiple mods, disable one mod at a time. Sometimes, one mod is not able to cope-up with others. This compatibility enrages the issue.
  • To disable a mod, locate the mod folder and add “.disabled” at the end of the mod’s filename.
  • Make sure the mods are in the Forge versions. If one has multiple versions, it will not permit to work correctly.
  • Although the Twitch alternative is better, Forge has more power and control. To play the game for long, I’ll prefer to install Forge properly and precisely.
  • Mods do not allow for multiplayer. So keep in mind if you have any plans like that.


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