The way home, movie based on a true story: Ending Explained, click to know!!

A drama genre movie release in 2010, The Way Home, made an impact on us with its story and, of course, the direction. Directed by Lance W. Dressen, this movie was based on a true story and had a significant impact on the audience. With massive popularity, the film has exciting ratings. The movie is filled with emotions that’ll take you to another level. The story revolves around the Simpkins family but mostly Randy, the head, who neglects his family and is unable to give priority to his son over work. But later, when the story moves incidents take place and Joe, Randys’ son, disappears. This scares him and makes him think about all the time he has lost with his family while he was busy working. The story also has a new character, Ed. He lost his son also named Joe in an accident, but Ed helps Randy find Joe, as he believes that it might help him find peace.

The story sure teaches a person a lot and has been presented elegantly. The movie is undoubtedly a must-watch. If you haven’t, then this can be your Sunday watch with family. Talking about the ending of the film, there were some speculations among the audience. Therefore, here we are giving out all details that might interest you about The way home!

Ending Explained: The Way Home

The ending of the movie, The way home, expressed how the life of two men had changed entirely with this one incident that happened. After Joe disappeared, everyone went looking for him, especially Ed put in a lot more effort to find him. After Ed found Joe deep in woods, from there he managed to get inner peace after his sons’ death. On the other hand, Randy realized how he has always neglected his family, which he shouldn’t have. After everything, the Simpkins family is again happy in the end, and Randy also starts devoting time to community service. That’s how the story ended on a happy note!

True Story: The Way Home

The story was adapted from a Contractor, Randy Simpkins whose son disappeared in a driveway of his Carrollton home. After about nearly 7 hours, Ed an engineer found him, a mile away from his house. Ed had also lost his 40 years old brother named Joe.

Randy & Christel, Joe’s parents in an interview talk about their experience and the feeling after they watched the movie. Randy said, “It’s been an incredible experience to see people’s lives impacted by our story. God has used us as a conduit is very humbling. The whole reason we did this is to hopefully have others learn the same life lessons we did that day. Both the experience of making the movie and reliving all those emotions over again has brought it all back to the forefront in our lives.” Christel added, “A lot of what I faced that day was a feeling of failure and embarrassment. For many years I struggled with that and with the doubt that Satan puts in your mind about your abilities as a parent and a wife. I think that’s the biggest way that I’ve probably changed – and not overnight, but through Randy changing and us coming closer together and raising our children together. It really hit me when we did the movie that God has brought our family so far from that day.”


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