We Never Learn Season 3 RETURNS with the protagonist character Nariyuki Yuiga, Release Date, Plot, Cast, Storyline and more!

Over the decades animated series have managed to grab a place in our hearts, especially kids’. Whenever we utter the word ‘anime’, the first thing comes in our mind is ‘Shonen Manga’. Isn’t it? Similarly, we have brought in updates of such an animated series that we like to read or watch. We’re talking about a famous Japanese anime series ‘We Never Learn’.

Writer and illustrator Taishi Tsutsui’s ‘We Never Learn’ tells us the story of a high school student of Nariyuki Yuiga. ‘We Never learn’ is also known as Bokuben. Shueisha began publishing it in weekly shonen jump magazine since 2017. As of 2020, it now has 15 tankobon volumes.

Last year Arvo Animation and Studio Silver adapted and turned the magazine into a TV series. Season one aired between April 7 and June 30, 2019. The second season aired in the same year from October 6 to December 29. We expect season three might come but we don’t know when.

Release Date of We Never Learn Season 3:

As of today, neither is there any update regarding the confirmation of season three, nor is there any production update. Once its renewal information is confirmed, Nextalerts will surely keep you posted. Although the series put an end with season two, we cannot say that there won’t be a season three. We should not lose hope. Instead, we should hope which characters will return when season three arrives. Continue reading to know about the characters.

Characters of We Never Learn Season 3:

Ryota Osaka will voice the protagonist character Nariyuki Yuiga. Haruka Shiraishi will return to voice as Fumino Furuhasi. Miyu Tomita will come back along with Lynn and Sayumi Suzushiro.

Expected Plot of We Never Learn Season 3:

Apparently the series is ended in season two but we have brought you spoilers for the third season. As per the magazine, if season three is made, we may discover who the protagonist Nariyuki is in love with. It will be interesting to watch who he will end up with among the five female lead characters. Fumino, Rizu, Uruka, Mafuyu or Asumi? We’ve to wait to know it until season three gets released.


The Storyline of We Never Learn Season 3:

“We Never Learn” tells us a romantic story. It is the story of Nariyuki Yuiga. Nariyuki Yuiga is a student at Ichinose Academy. He is trying to secure a university scholarship. Simultaneously, he mentors three female students and their subject focus area is different from one another. Literature interests Fumino Furuhashi but she hates mathematics. While Fumino dislikes mathematics, Rizu Ogata finds mathematics interesting but literature boring. But Uruka Takemoto’s interest lies on the athletic field. She cannot indulge in any other subjects.

As these girls are high school students, they start to grow romantic fantasies with their mentor Nariyuki. The anime also focuses on how they deal with their intense feelings for Nariyuki Yuiga.

The series came to an end with season two. However, the series depicts five separate endings. These include the story of Nariyuki with one for each girl.

We anticipate that the creators will surely bring the season 3 of We never learn. If you haven’t watched it, go watch both the season. It is also available with English dubbing.

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