The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – PC Console Commands Cheats for you! How to use the console commands in Skyrim?

The Elder Scrolls series lighted up the whole gaming universe with the launch of its fifth installment, Skyrim, in November 2011. It has been over 8 years and still, the game has a special place in the hearts of many gaming junkies. Bethesda managed to pull off an absolute ripper. The game’s visuals, combat styles, dungeon designs, ability to use both weapons and magic at the same, and the most important of them all, the disposal of the character class system were highly praised by the fans and the critics. Additionally, Bethesda heavily improved the open-world format of Skyrim which certainly helped in full exploration and development of the main character.

Skyrim came out a long time ago, so we can’t blame you if feel a bit bored by the original features of the game. That’s where the console commands rescue you! I mean, how many times can you go through the whole game legitimately? Sometimes, it’s good to see some things from a different perspective. These console commands will tempt you to play Skyrim again but with a fresher approach than before. The console commands work like a boon for all the PC players. Use these cheats and explore Skyrim on a whole new level.

How can we use Skyrim console commands?

First of all, you have to head to the developer console of Skyrim. And how will you do that? Well, we believe you know how the tilde (~) key looks. Press it to unfold the developer console. You have to type the console commands in it which we have mentioned in this article below. Make sure you type them right. Now, type that tilde key again to go back to your game. Just snatch the gifted rewards and enjoy the game. If you want to cease your command from being in action then type the same ongoing command to stop it.

But you must know that Skyrim also suffers from the problem of British English Vs American English. It means that the process which we mentioned above only works on American English keyboards. So, by any chance, if you are using a British English keyboard then use the grave (`) key to open the developer console.

Other than using these console commands solely, you can also utilize them by combining them with other commands to receive more rewards or witness some unique things in the game. But there’s one problem though. Despite getting an amazing critical reception from all around the world, the game is no short of the irritating bugs or glitches. Some PC users have used the combos of these console commands and ended up wrecking their whole game or shutting down their systems. That’s why we advise you to keep saving your game regularly and also create a back up in case of the above-mentioned emergencies.

Skyrim Console Commands (Player)

Immortal Mode – tim

Use this command to enable the Immortal Mode in the game. No one will be able to finish you off but you may sustain the damages.

God Mode – tgm

Type it and get unlimited health, stamina, and magicka. You walking or running speed will be boosted. It will not hinder your speed no matter how much weight you have on your character’s body.

No-Clip Mode – tcl

This command gives you the ability to go through the walls.

Change your sex – sexchange

Convert your character into the opposite gender person.

Change appearance – showracemenu

It will help in customizing your character’s looks. Modify any option you want. However, it will cost you your entire game’s progress and levels because they will reset.

Health – player.resethealth

If you find yourself in low health condition then enter this command to gain all your health back.

Learn every spell – psb

It’s a perfect command to learn all the magical spells in the game. Every spell and shout will be unlocked after using it.

Increase level – player.advlevel

Take your player to the next level with this one! But perk points will not be granted to you after using this command.

Height – player.setscale #

You can alter your character’s height according to your choice. Choose any number from 0.1 to 10 and type that in place of #.

Modify your skills – advskill SkillID #

A much-needed command for Skyrim. It aids you in modifying your skillset. Just type the name of your desired skill and the amount needed by you in place of #.

Add item – player.additem ItemID #

You can add any item you need in your inventory and with the proper amount. Just like above, you have to perform this process by repacing #.

Adjust your view – fov <#>

Don’t like your field of view? Well, then use it to change it. Players are provided with a default view of 75 which you can take up to 160.

Change camera angle – animcam

Use this command to choose your favourite camera angle if you ever get bored with the default one. The best thing about this code is it keeps your player’s direction intact.

Dragon Souls – player.forceav dragonsouls #

You will obtain Dragon Souls effortlessly. However, the amount of Dragon Souls is fixed.

Pay the bounty – player.paycrimegold <X> <Y> <FactionID>

It doesn’t matter how much bounty is placed on your character, all of it will be discarded and you will be free. Replace X with 1 to get rid of stolen items, or 0 to preserve them. Type 0 in place of Y if you don’t want to be put behind the bars. Otherwise, enter 1 and lock yourself up in a prison.

Skyrim Money Command

player .additem 00000f 100

A quick way to earn 100 gold. But if you are unable to control your greedy nature then you can more amount in place of 100.

Skyrim Console Commands (Quest)

Current Stage – GetStage <QuestID>

Use it to get to the present quest stage.

Set your quest stage – SetStage <quest id> <stage value>

Type your desired quest and stage in it to perform a quest in the stage you want.

Show all the quests – showquesttargets

Enter it to see the IDs of all the present quests.

Finish all the quests – caqs

It helps you in finishing all the stages of a quest. But a serious bug has been reported in this command. So, don’t use it.

Complete a single quest – CompleteQuest <QuestID>

If you get stuck in a quest and find it pretty difficult to complete then use it to accomplish it.

Show the quests – player.sqs <quest id>

All stages belonging to a quest will be disclosed to you.

Skyrim Console Commands (Target)

Unlock anything – unlock

Take your character near a door or a chest and use this code to open it.

Lock anything – lock [#]

You can lock any door or chest with it and select any difficulty level from 1-100.

Kill your target – kill

Enter this command and annihilate you enemy immediately. A pretty cool command to save all your efforts and energy, isn’t it?

Resurrect anyone – resurrect

Go near to a character and type this command to give his/her life back.

Get someone’s items – removeallitems

Use it to seize all the items of another character in the game.

Join Faction – addtofaction [Faction ID] [#]

You can force any NPC to join a faction with this code.

Make anyone invisible – disable

Target an NPC and apply this code to vanish it from the game.

Take the invisibility back – enable

Undo the vanishing action which you performed by using the command mentioned above.

Become an owner – setownership [Item ID]

Target any item you like and enter this command to make it your property.

Take your target’s items – unequipitem [Item ID]

If an NPC is holding a better weapon in comparison to you, then apply it to snatch it.

Delete an item – MarkForDelete

If you try this command then the marked item will be deleted permanently because the Dark Brotherhood makes sure of it.

Skyrim Console Commands (Toggle)

Toggle menus – tm

Do you want to impress your friends or relatives by taking a nice and good-looking screenshot of Skyrim? Just type this command to do it.

Map markers – tmm [0/1]

Enter the command with 0 to turn on the map marker and 1 to close it.

Use flycam – tfc

It gives you a chance to utilize the flycam to witness some incredible scenes from the sky. It means that you will not be able to see things from your character’s angle while you are using this feature.

Control combats – tcai

Use it and the combat control is in your hands. It comes in handy against the dangerous dragons who will not try to fight with you at all after this command.

Detect anything – tdetect

After typing this command, you may turn into a complete imp. You will have an amazing chance to detect many activities like theft, murder, and many more. However, we advise you not to steal from anyone’s pockets.

Other Skyrim Console Commands

Find every item – coc smoke

The makers have expert established a secret room in Skyrim where all the items are stored. Enter this command to head there.

Quit quickly – qqq

Three Qs and that’s it! You have successfully quit the game!

Get all commands – help

This is the command which we like the most. It brings all the console commands of the game on our screen. You must be wondering why we didn’t mention it at the top… Right? Do you think that we are stupid or something?

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