When will “Bayonetta 3” Release?? Read here to know about the Release Date, Gameplay And Much More!!

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Bayonetta 3

Bayonetta is a hack and slash game under action series. Bayonetta is a video game developed by Platinum Games. The first season of the game debuted initially been on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in 2009.

Then, the second part of the game come on Wii U (a platform provided by Nintendo) in 2014. Now, Bayonetta 3 is exclusively developing by Platinum Games for Nintendo Switch.


The story of Bayonetta is based on Bayonetta itself. Bayonetta is a witch that belongs to Umbra witch. She has wakened up after 500 years. She has forgotten about her past and existence.

There are also her enemies, Angels known as Luman sages. The Umbra Witches are followers of darkness, whereas Luman sages are followers of light.

In the first part of the game, Bayonetta wants to know about her existence, how she comes here, and what was happened. She fights with her enemies. Meanwhile, she remembers what incident occurred to her, which caused her memory loss.

In the second part, Bayonetta meets Jeanne, who becomes her friend. She also comes to know that the red gem she has is compelling and is Left eye of the earth. Firstly the Jeanne was associated with the Angels somehow, and Bayonetta fights with her. But after, Jeanne sacrifices her life for Bayonetta. Then Bayonetta fights with her enemies and wants Jeanne back to life.

In the third installment, the story will continue where it was left, and it will be interesting to see that who side Jeanne was.

Release Date

We only had a trailer announced by Games Award in 2017. After that, there is no official announcement by anyone from the team. It is a whole lot of time.

So, now the question is when will Bayonetta 3 will release? We haven’t heard about it from 2017, so means it got canceled?

No, it’s not; the head of development team Hideki Kamya said that the game progress is going on smoothly. That means they are working on it.

So, when will it Release? By watching previous patterns of releasing games, the first part in 2009, second in 2014. Hence, we should have our Bayonetta 3 in 2019.

But, there is a reason for its delay Astral Chain release on Nintendo in 2018. They were focused on it. Now, it’s been released.

We expect Bayonetta 3 to release late this year or in early 2021. It’s been a lot of time for a high budget game to be developed.


We don’t know much about the actual gameplay of Bayonetta 3, as there are no reveal apart from the trailer.

You can see the trailer here!!

We can see in the trailer that Bayonetta is fighting with an unknown enemy. We only know that her enemy is purple.

Bayonetta is also holding new guns in her hand. So, we assume that there will be a whole new range of weapons. There can be new vehicles too. And animal transformation also.

We will like to see if we can play the role of other characters, also like Jeanne and Luka, apart from Bayonetta. As in Bayonetta 1 and 2, we can only play the role of Bayonetta herself.

It is going to be fun to play Bayonetta 3 as the whole team is working hard on the game and graphics. But we have to wait for a while to play the game.

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