Fast and furious 9: The Fast Saga to hit the theatres with Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez soon! Is the release date postponed? Everything you need to know about cast, plot and latest updates !!!

Who would forget the thrilling drift of cars and jump of buildings? The Dominic Toretto fam is up for another saga, the “Fast Saga”, which will be the 9th in the Fast and Furious franchise and 10th overall release. Directed by Justin Lin, the movie features the same stars working together as a family.

The movie is written by Daniel Casey and co-produced by Vin Diesel himself. The work for the ninth installment started by June 24th, 2019, and ended by November 2019. The film was mostly shot in Los Angeles, Edinburgh, and London. Parts of the movie were shot in Thailand for the first time as well as in Georgia. Stuntman Joe Watts who doubled for Diesel was seriously injured during the shoot.

Plot & Cast:

F9: The Fast Saga will have the usual cast of Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Chris Ludacris, etc., the movie also features the WWE superstar John Cena as the main villain. John Cena plays as Jakob, Dom’s (Vin Diesel) brother, who is a deadly assassin working along with an old enemy cipher. Jakob holds a personal grudge towards Dom.

Why was the movie put off? Expected Release date of Fast and furious 9:

The major shooting of the movie was completed by November 11, 2019. As it was all normal in the film industry back then, the release of the movie was expected to take place by May 2020. But now as the world is struck by the deadly virus and as every single industry is hit hard, it is all not hunky-dory in the cinema industry as well. In regard to the difficulty caused due to the virus, the release of the movie is postponed to March/April of 2021. The official trailer was put out on 31st January 2020.

Ludacris a.k.a Tej drops in HARD !!!! 

Chris Ludacris Bridges who adorns the role of Tej in the franchise was part of an interview with Jess Cagle and Julia Cunningham on their show SiriusXM. During the course of the interview, cunningham started to throw out different scenarios for F9. Cunningham brought up the notion of the Toretto fam going into space. To this, Ludacris replied, ” I will say that you are very intuitive because you said something right, but I’m and not going to give it away”.

This sentence of his was a big hint to the movie itself because after he said this, he covered his mouth and stating that he had just let out a secret slip. Even though this episode just expands the horizon of a whole new set of speculations, fans around the globe sincerely hope that something there is some tinge of truth towards it. Apart from what was said, there isn’t any information on the movie as such.

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