Dragon Prince Season 4: The Fantasy Thriller to have a comeback with Jack Desena and Paula Burrows inspite of all the allegations? Release Date, Voice Cast, Plot and a lot more !!!

The fantasy world thriller aired first by Netflix in September 2018, is expected to be introducing a new season soon. The American-Canadian computer-animated series has 3 completed seasons to its credit. Set in a fantasy magic continent called Xadia, which has magic derived from 6 elements: Sun, Moon, Stars, Earth, Sky, and Ocean, humans have driven away for using dark magic.

With the aim to destroy the heir of the dragons, the human king tries to destroy the egg of the dragons, in retaliation a war was waged between elves and humans. But to everyone’s surprise, the egg was not destroyed, following which a turn of events leads to the death of Viren, the human king’s advisor. The first season was aired in September 2018, the second season in February 2019, and the third season in November 2019.

Why are people skeptical of the comeback? 

The show is created by Aaron Gabriel Ehasz and Justin Richmond. Aaron was the head writer and co-producer of the famous series Avatar: The Last Airbender. Just before the third season was aired on Netflix, two of Ehasz’s female employees tweeted stating the unfair sexist attitude while working at Wonderstorm, co-founded by Ehasz. The allegation was filed and the investigation is on, until now.

There hasn’t been any news on the allegation yet. However, on July 24th, 2020, the entire team will be coming on a virtual panel stating that they will answer the most burning questions of its fans. Hopefully, all the questions related to the allegations will be answered.

Expected Release date of Dragon Prince Season 4:

In spite of several allegations against the series, the release of the new season is ready to take the center stage in the near future. As per the current speculation, the first season to the second season took a whole 5 months between first and second season, and 9 months between the second and third season, hence it is expected that season 4 will be sometime by the end of 2020 or sometime by 2021.

The Cast:

The Dragon Prince Season 4 plot, cast revealed, what else we know ...

As the release of season 4 is just boiling with speculation, there isn’t any solid official information on the probable changes in any roles or voice cast. Jack Desena, Paula Burrows, and Sasha Rojen will reprise their voice roles as Callum, Ryla, and Ezran and since a lot more voice cast is part of the series it is expected that they would be maintaining their roles. The series is made using 3D computer animation, the backgrounds are powered by 3D modeling and hand painting.



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