All you need to know about the “GTA 6” with the latest updates on Releasing Dates & Trailer is here!

GTA is said to be the saver pf kid-life-crisis game of all time. Grand Theft Auto fans are provided a hint by the Rockstar Games for GTA 6. More than seven years now, but the fans are still waiting desperately about any trailer or teaser for the upcoming version. 

Grand Theft Auto VI can still not finalized by Rockstar Games, but the developing state is accepted by a reporter & leakers. The sequel will be unlike anything seen in the previous versions of GTA.

Australian developer, Video Games Deluxe, said they had hired AAA open-world VR project this time. Also, not only the same studio made the L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files for Rockstar Games, but the game is being made in collaboration with Rockstar Games. The new-age gaming consoles bring the PS5 & Xbox Series X, unlike from past seven years. 

Sadly, Video Games Deluxe hasn’t revealed further details about it but mentioned it as a “groundbreaking project.”

Releasing date not out yet

The previous Grand Theft Auto game fans were not able to digest the thrilling gameplay. Likewise, the GTA 6 seems delayed because GTA 5 had the same story behind, and that’s why Rockstar Games may not launch it before late 2022 or early 2023.

The leak suggests the GTA 6 will be smooth with graphics in PS5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X.

More about the Game

The fans can get multiple characters this time too. And it will be thrilling to see GTA inputting female leads to the game. Also, the 5-year plan of  Rockstar Games totals 93 games, which include GTA 6.

The leakers have also suggested the GTA 6 set in two places. Besides just one-city, a map-out of all 52- North American states is also possible in the new version of GTA. 

GTA 6 Trailer is not out yet

As there is no official release out yet. The gameplay of GTA 5 is the last we can get with the latest concept on GTA 6 to date. The older times where GTA5 and red read redemption 2 released the trailer just a few days before the launch happened.

GTA 6 development seemingly confirmed by Rockstar's latest tax ...

The sequel to GTA 5 has led all the viewers with big suspense, and fans all around the world are waiting eagerly for the release, and so are we. We can’t wait to give the latest updates on the forthcoming set.

Till then, Sit back, relax & Stay tuned with GizmoBlaze for exciting updates!

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