The Last of Us Part III with Joel ABSENT in the upcoming season, Plot, Cast, Release Date and more!

The Last of Us is an action-adventure game which was first released in 2013. It has been developed by Naughty Dog. And the publisher is Sony Computer Entertainment. The first part of the game focused on the relationship between Joel and Ellie. Furthermore, the characters were portrayed by Troy Baker and Ashley Jhonson. Their voices and motions were used and developed.

The creative director of the video game series is Neil Druckmann. While the composer of the series is Gustavo Santaolalla. The first part of the series was released for PlayStation 3 in June 2013. Later on, in July 2014, it was released for PlayStation 4.

The video game series revived positive reviews. And was praised for gameplay, setting, real-life characters, visuals, and the showcasing of the female characters. Seven years later, a sequel was released in June 2020. The last of us Part II sold 4 million copies in one week. Making the game hugely popular among video gamers. Fans speculate and wish for a part III.

Read on to find out more about Part III, and whether Naughty dog would release other downloadable content additions!

The Last of Us Part III: Release Date

Although, The Last of Us Part III has yet not been announced. There are speculations that it will be announced very soon. The Director of the Video Game Neil Druckmann hinted that there is a possibility for The Last of Us Part III.

The team is said to have not come up with any ideas for Part III. But, since Part II sold 4 million copies, the series will likely return. According to sources, Neil had discussed the possibility of Part III even before the release of Part II.  Later on, Druckmann also said that it is likely, that after the huge sales, one would think about another part.

Until then, our fingers are crossed. While we wait for official announcements for Part III.

The Last of Us Part III: Gameplay

The Last of Us is an adventure video game, involving a lot of action. It has aspects of horror and survival. Furthermore, the video game is played through a third-person perspective. The characters of the game series, include Joel and Ellie. And the game series follows their relationship.

It is anticipated that in the third part, Abby, would play a key character. Even though she has been controversial in the previous part. But the most gut-wrenching element of part III would be the absence of Joel.

Part II of the video game series had an open- ending. Thus, there is a lot of scope for the story of Part III. Speculations are that it may involve characters like Dina, Ellie, and Abby. The fireflies may be a concept as well.

The last of us, according to Druckmann, is based on love. Therefore, there are possibilities that Part III may also follow Yara and Lev. Moreover, it might revolve around sibling love.

The Last of Us Part III: Setting

The setting of the video game is of post-apocalyptic environment. This includes ruins of towns, forests, broken buildings that move the story forward. The gameplay of the series is said to be 12 to 16 hours long but can be stretched if played strategically. The player of the game is equipped with weapons and firearms to defend the characters.

Furthermore, it also includes creatures and hostile humans. The player is said to have control of Joel. And can also control Ellie, via the winter segment.

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