Anime’s Noblesse film CONFIRMED with Cadis Etrama Di Raize as the main protagonist, Release Date, Cast, Plot and Storyline.

In recent times, Korean Manhwa has absolutely blown up among otakus. And while there are many good manhwas, three of them stand at the very top. Written and illustrated by Son Jeho and Lee Kwangsu, respectively, Noblesse is one of the ‘Big Three’ of manhwas. The series is extremely popular in the fan community and is oftentimes believed to be the very best.

Two OVAs based on the manhwa have already released. The first one released in 2015 and the other premiered the following year. Titled ‘Noblesse: Awakening’, the 2016’s animated short was produced by Production I.G. It quickly gained immense fan following and became a success.

Noblesse: Release date

It’s safe to say that fans weren’t content with only a 31-minute short movie. And for a long time, viewers have been demanding to see a longer anime adaptation of the manhwa. Fortunately for otakus, at the Seoul Comic-con in August 2019, the new anime was confirmed. In addition, it was also announced that Production I.G would produce the series. Moreover, Crunchyroll will co-produce and broadcast the anime internationally. Though for now, we are unaware of an official release date. We assume it will release either next year or in 2022.

Noblesse: Possible cast

Apart from the confirmation, we don’t know anything else about the anime. Although we guess characters from the manhwa will star in the anime as well. Of course, Cadis Etrama Di Raizel will appear as the protagonist. Furthermore, we also expect to see Frankenstein in the anime as well. Additionally, other characters such as Han Shinwoo, Woo Ik-Han will also be seen.

However, we don’t know about the cast of the anime. Although voice-cast from the 2016’s OVA could return to reprise their roles in the anime. For now, we are waiting to hear an official word regarding this matter.

Noblesse: Plot spoilers

As for the plot itself, nothing has been revealed. We don’t even know whether the upcoming anime would pick up after the events of the OVA. However, the series might be a complete retelling of the story.

In which case, we believe the story will follow Rai, a powerful and ancient ‘Noble’. He has been asleep for centuries and upon awakening finds himself in modern-day Korea. He then goes out to explore his new surroundings and goes into a school. And there, he meets Frankenstein, his loyal servant. Later on, he is enrolled in the school and befriends some students. Together they’ll go on adventures and learn more about Rai’s past.

Noblesse: Production

Back in 2019, it was confirmed that the new anime has already entered production. But, we aren’t aware of the current state the anime is in. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, production is certainly halted. Also, we don’t expect it to resume before things go back to normal.

Noblesse: Trailer

Anime trailers usually release a month or two before the series premiere. And since production on Noblesse hasn’t finished yet, a trailer is off the cards for now. Regardless, if any new information is revealed, we’ll let you know.


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