“Overlord Season 4”: Will “Anastasia Munoz” return in the upcoming season? Click here to know more!

One can not be the king of all worlds. However, one can be one’s, own king. Overload is an added up pearl to the Anime world. Eventually, it captures the heart of kids with super cool animation and stuff. One gets easily attracted to the evil king Momonga. Dealing with the story of a young man trapped inside the video game, it steals all our hearts. Later he tries to make his troop and empire in a new world. It is a Japanese light novel series written by Kugane Maruyama whose first season aired on September 29, 2015. Indeed a lot more things are yet to happen to make us all awestruck with the exciting new works.

Release date: “Overlord Season 4”

People all around the world are waiting for the next season as the end of the previous season made us all worried a bit.  However, there is no official confirmation about the release date of the season. Although, it’s expected to be launched by the end of December 2020 (or) January 2021. Yet there is no confirmation from the manufacturers or the producer’s side. The worldwide pandemic COVID-19 has put this season at stake too. Not only this a lot more series are facing the same problems. Finally, we wish that Netflix finds a way out of the trauma.

Cast: “Overlord Season 4”

Anastasia Munoz plays Narberal Gamma, Bryan Massey plays Cocytus, Ed Blaylock plays Sebas Tian, Elizabeth Maxwell plays Albedo, Felecia Angelle plays Shalltear Bloodfallen, Jeff Johnson plays Demiurge, Jill Harris plays Aura Bella Fiora, Megan Shipman plays Mare Bello Fiore.

However, a lot more new characters are expected to be added in this new season. Hope to see them all soon as the end of season 3 let us all enduring. The evil king will surely be back with his new troops to make us all sit on the verge of our seats.

Story Line: “Overlord Season 4”

Eventually, it all started with the release of a new game called DMMORPG. Only one among all the 41 is said to be the leader of the guild named Momonga. Moreover, he also maintains a headquarters in the great Tomb Of Nazarick. He stays in the game till the servers get shut down as none of his friends were ready to come when he called. Later he gets attached in the game and fights with his true self. But Ainz Ooal Gown changes his characters a bit as Momonga finds it difficult to kill people. This is the story about an unethical and heartless creature.

Plot: “Overlord Season 4”

Season 3 left us all wondering, what will happen next. Previously, the workers tell Ains about their mistakes and make him angry. The season ends up with E-Rantel hanging inn the balance and Ains accepting the challenge despite the impossibilities and odds. What happens next is a great question mark. Will Ains defeat his enemies? A Lot more are yet to be answered in this season. Till then let’s hope that this pandemic ends soon and we meet our virtual characters soon in the real world.



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