“Mission: Impossible 7”: Will “Ethan Hunt” and “Ilsa” return for more explosive action? Read more about the Release Date, Plot, Cast and more!!!

Tom Cruise first made his debut with Mission: Impossible back in 1996, and since then the title and the actor have been synonymous. With fast-paced action sequences and mind-blowing stunts, this series has become a must-watch for all action fans out there. Mission: Impossible is a series of action spy films. twenty years since the first installment, the franchise has released five more movies. Loved by fans and critics alike, the franchise has decided to return for at least two more movies. The last movie in the series, Mission: Impossible Fallout released almost two years ago.

Tom Cruise announced that he will be back. 25 Years on, he doesn’t even seem to be getting old! All the six movies are available on Netflix, while the first five can be streamed on Prime. Make yourself familiar with the movies in time for the newest installment!

Release Date: Mission: Impossible 7

The seventh installment was initially set to release on November 19, 2021. The eight movie was slated to release on November 4, 2022. Initially, it was decided that filming for both would take place back to back. However, the coronavirus pandemic broke out right after production started. This has affected the film industry negatively. Despite this, the movie has obtained special permission to resume filming. Such is the power of Ethan Hunt! The three-week delay does not look to affect the release date, but we are yet to know. Don’t worry, we will keep you posted with any updates!

Cast: Mission: Impossible 7

The cast is expected to remain the same as the previous movie. Tom Cruise will play “Ethan Hunt” while Rebecca Ferguson will play the role of “Ilsa Faust”. IMDb has also confirmed that Simon Pegg and Ving Rhames will also return. It is also rumored that Vanessa Kirby will return as the “White Widow”. IMDb also says that Hayley Atwell, Nicholas Hoult, Shea Wingham, and Pom Klementieff will be new additions. However, their roles are yet to be revealed. 

Storyline: Mission: Impossible Series

The franchise released its first movie in 1996 and has remained strong ever since. With an immense fan base, it has gained popularity worldwide because of its impressive storyline. The franchise revolves around Ethan Hunt, an IMF agent. He along with his co-workers have to tackle various organizations and people through a course of varying-plots. The series is full of adrenaline-pumping scenes and intense action sequences. The films are based on a TV show of the same name. The franchise has won various awards, all thanks to its inter-connected plots and death-defying adventures.

Plot: Mission: Impossible 7

The plot for the new movie hasn’t been disclosed yet. However, since MI7 and MI8 are being filmed back-to-back, it is assumed that the plots will be interconnected. There will be much hair raising sequences like before! It is rumored that SpaceX and Nasa are in collaboration with the franchise. Some say that Ethan Hunt may even go to the moon!

Trailer: Mission: Impossible 7

No official trailer has been released yet. If you haven’t watched it already, here’s the trailer for the previous movie. Stay tuned for more updates!

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