Crime show: ‘Good girls’ is all set to make a return for 4th season!! Do not miss anything juicy about your favorite show!!

 Good Girls is going to be back!!

For all my criminology lovers out the,the much famous crime series ‘Good girls’ is all set to make a return.The series has been created by Jenna bans and has 3 series as of now. The arrangement follows three rural Michigan moms, two of whom are sisters, who are attempting to make a decent living. They are worn out on having everything detracted from them so they choose to pull off an improbable heist by looting a general store, just to find that they’re in for more than they bartered. Their fruitful burglary draws in the consideration of the senior supervisor after he remembers one of the ladies.


Release date and casting

The first season of ‘Good girls’ aired on NBC on 26th February,2018. The series has 34 episode aired up until now,with 11 episodes each season. ‘Good girls’ was recently renewed for a 4th season on 15th May,2020.The series’s genre is crime and comedy drama, with a perfect infuse of both.

The full list of cast includes:

Christina Hendricks
Mae Whitman
Reno Wilson
Manny Montana
Lidya Jewett
Isaiah Stannard

Christina Hendricks portrays ‘Elizabeth’ and is the leader of the crime group. She was pushed into the life of crime by her husband,who cheated on her. She is also a mother of 4.
Retta played by ‘Ruby hill’ is a waitress who is trying to make ends meet but is unable to and decides to join her best friend,’Elizabeth’ in the heist she has planned out. There are also various other cast members who play a major role.

Why to watch and audience reviews

The audience reviews of ‘Good girls’ is phenomenal. It has a strong IMDb of 7.8. One user commented’The characters mesh together and the storylines flow smoothly, slightly touching each other until it’s time to connect. The drama and sometimes heavy consequences are balanced by a talented cast who are able to deliver the levity required to place you in their pumps. The cast has great chemistry and they exploit that momentum during the soft moments, allowing the three main leads to really stretch their comedic legs. And of course, you can’t talk about Good Girls without Rio. Kudos to the casting director for choosing Manny Montana, who adds some serious eye candy and carries the most weight the dramatic scenes on his shoulders. He’s lovable yet incredibly intimidating; scary but alluring; dangerous yet protective; most importantly, he’s unpredictable – our ladies are constantly in a state of flux regarding their standing with him and adds to their intense negotiations, interactions, and dealings.’ Thanks for the helpful insight mate. If you are looking for some comedy infused with drama and a women centrist show,you should definitely give this one a go.


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