“Solo Levelling season 2”: Will “Sung Jin-Woo” be the most powerful hunter? Who is his “Father”? Click to know release dates, cast, expected plot and more!

Its time to level up audience! Our beloved webtoon, Solo Levelling is coming with its second installment soon. Yes, you read it right. The anime series is being renewed again and its fans just can’t keep calm!

Read here for release dates, expected plot and MORE!

Solo Levelling, an anime based on a korean web publications and is written by Chu – Gong. Serialized on Kakao Page, it was adopted into a webtoon series. Novel has a fantasy and action genre.

Jang Sung – rak depicted the novel really well on screen. Published under the Papyrus tag and announced by D&C media, the first season got aired on March 4, 2018. Soon after its release, the show became a huge hit. The popularity went on increasing year by year, thanks to the storyline that the show offered which kept the audience glued to their TV screens. After seeing the show’s popularity, the makers have decided to proceed with another season.

Release dates?

Solo Levelling has a huge fan base and enjoyed top ratings since its release. The first season ended in March this year. With the amount of story left, audience and experts are assuming that makers will come with season 2 soon. However there is no official word on it yet.
As we are aware of the current situation causes by COVID-19 around yhe world we can expect a delay. The pandemic has brought the making process and production work on a halt. We can only expect the series to arrive next year.


The second season will continue with the previous plot. And hence we can expect the old cast to reunite again. The cast include Hwang Chi-Yeul Park Hee-Jin, Jo Byung-Gyu, and Joon-Hee. If makers introduce another plot, we can expect some New faces on the board.


In season 1, we travelled through a world of monsters. There was a community of people who fight and combat with monsters and called themselves as “The predators” or hunters basically. We even discovered the link about earth and other world of monsters. The predators posses the power and potentiality to annex the monsters from other world. Sadly, we saw hunters getting trapped in a deadly dungeon. Only few among the predators were courageous and strong enough who came through that.

Sung Jin-Woo, the protagonist, and one among the predators was also caught in the dungeon. He completed all the tough proceedings and somehow survived the dungeon. Surprisingly, he was the one who was once objected to all the criticism for his weak skills and powers. He was generally underestimated by all his fellow predators. But after getting trapped, he worked with his full strength and survived. And from then he was determined to start his SUCCESS JOURNEY!

What to expect?

Season one left all us curious about what to happen next? And fans kept pondering over questions which are still unanswered. We can expect that season 2 will satisfy all the questions. Season 2 will pick up from where season 1 has left. Sung Jin-Woo went in the search of his lost father in season 1. Also, he hot indulge in a fight with King Ant and defeated him. Will ge succeed in his hunt? Will he ever find his father?

As there has not been any official announcement, we can only predict what we all have previously seen.
And fans are asked to EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!

We are all caught up. Thats all for now people. We will keep you updated till the time, stay home and stay safe!

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