“JoJo Part 6 -Stone Ocean”: Are we in for another epic “adventure”? Click here to know release date ,plot and much more!

The beloved JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is an adaptation of the famous Japanese manga of the same name created by Hirohiko Araki. The series, as of April 2020 is the second-largest manga series if counted in volumes.
The manga’s anime production credit goes to David Productions. However, The anime alternative of the manga series is a collection of 4 seasons with a total of 5 parts until now. Season 1 consisted of 2 parts, and the other seasons followed with containing just 1 part each The show first started airing from October 5, 2012, up to April 5, 2013, in Japan. But in the US  it started airing on October 15, 2016. Additionally, the  David Productions have announced the show for a renewal. Thus it is confirmed that the series is coming back for the 5th season which will include the 6th part of the manga.


Release date: “JoJo Part 6 -Stone Ocean”

There has been no official announcement regarding the release date of the series for the time being. But we can be assured that it will definitely happen in the long run. All the fans have to maintain patience as the show though being confirmed for a 6th part, no confirmation regarding the release date has been disclosed. From the little that we know until now JoJo part 6 is most probable to come out in the beginning or by the end of Summer 2021. However, we just need to wait as the world is facing a pandemic and not lose hope.

Plot: “JoJo Part 6 -Stone Ocean”

The 6th part of JoJo is going to be called Stone Ocean and it’ll show Jolyne Cujo, the girl from Jotaro, and the main character of the show. She is also the daughter of  Jotaro Kujo better known as JoJo.When she is wrongly framed for a murder, Jolyne goes to prison. But she having the amulet from her father, JoJo, which contains the head of Arrow, finally allowing her to unlock the Stand Stone Free. However unusual it may sound but some fans are thinking of skipping Stone Ocean and go directly to  Steel Ball Run. If you’re one of those fans consider giving Stone Ocean a watch that will surely grip your attention and deliver an exciting experience. Your emotions will surely turnover a new leaf after the watch.

Cast: “JoJo Part 6 -Stone Ocean”

Most of the cast is going to return including Jolyne Cujoh as the chief protagonist of the Stone Ocean, Enrico Pucci as the chief antagonist or adversary of Stone Ocean, Ermes Costello as Jolyne’s friend who is in prison. Other characters may get introduced along the way in the upcoming part.

Other Updates: “JoJo Part 6 -Stone Ocean”

Though we are still on the wait to hear any confirm a date for the sixth season of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures, a voice actor of Golden Wind revealed that story of Jolyne is certainly going on his mind and Ray Chase, the voice actor for Bruno Bucciarati made a connection to Stone Ocean!  Fans are very excited to know when the anime produced by David Productions is going to return.
In an interview with Ray Chase and Phill Reich, Ray started discussing how the preparations were going for developing a voice of someone from Italy and how for Season 6 the voice actors were to learn Floridian.
So the interview, after all, gave us some info regarding how the voice actors totally got into the character and developed a voice relating to the characters and thus bringing them to life for the fans. As the anime fans of the fifth season might know, Bucciarati was tragically deceased in the battle against Diavolo, but his undying spirit still lives on, encouraging his friends to go forward in their journey of becoming the leaders of the Passione mob.

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