High School DxD Season 5: Rias Gremory and Akeno Himejima are going to be back real soon. Know about the release date, cast and story line bhere!!!

Amongst all the Japanese anime series, ‘High School DxD’ is everyone’s favorite. So here is the good news for High School DxD fans! Our all-time favorite is back to entertain us with a lot of surprises. With each season passing, each one of us is falling in love with the series. But this time it is going to be completely renewed and fresh, to enthrall and give us a real-life experience.

Finally, we’ve got something to do in our free time. Our curiosity is going to increase episode after episode. Yes, it’s going to be that exciting! It is also one of those series which is inspired by the light novel series which is in turn written by Ichiei Ishibumi. Japanese series are well-known in the world for their animation and amazing edits. Undoubtedly, ‘High school DxD’ has proven it right! And all the book lovers, our favorite series is also available in the form of engaging magazines. You can check it out if you want peeps.


The Release Date of ‘High School Dxd 5’:

And now comes the actual information. So, the release date of season 5 is not yet officially announced. But according to the information from the managers and the crew, we can expect it to be on our screens by the end of this year. Moreover, the production has also been almost stopped due to COVID 19 situations. But still, it may possibly be released till October 2020.

High School DxD Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Plot and Everything ...

The Amazing Cast:

Okay now let’s know who the cast is going to be this time. According to our research guys, Azumi Asakura ( Rias Gremory ), Shizuka It ( Akeno Himejima ), Ayena Taketatseu ( Koneka Toujou) and also Kenji Nojimo ( Yuuto Kiba ) are going to be back along with some new faces. The new faces are going to spice up the series with thrill and twists.

The ‘High School DxD’ Plot and Storyline:

The plot of this series has caught up the attention of the people. It has added up to the increase in the popularity of this series. So firstly, the anime was moved to a different studio after the release of the season 3 due to some reasons. But still, it made it to season 5. The story revolves around the guy named Issei. So, Issei’s first date turns into a complete disaster as the girl turns into a monster and stabs him. But Rias was at his rescue and saved him. He finally realizes that all the members of the occult are dangerous devils. Issei made his mind that he’s stronger and then he spends more and more time with his new girlfriend Asia. 

But soon Asia was in danger, so our hero rushes up to save his love. Kiba and Koneko back him up. after this, Issei and Raynare are engaged to duel death. Asia furthermore confesses her feelings to Issei. Also, Issei and Asia get all ready for a Rating Game. But unfortunately, our hero lost. And don’t worry he’ll be back with a bang! We’ll have to wait for all the answers now!

Season 5 is going to be filled with new faces and will uncover a lot of thrill. The fans can’t wait for this season more. For more details of your favorite series, stay tuned.

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