“Ayesha Curry” married to “Steph Curry”: Click to read all about the modern day fairytale of the cute couple!

Looking at this beautiful couple, one could’nt help but wonder what is the secret of their successful marriage? If the same question has ever crossed your mind, we have a special something for you. Read further to know about the “Currys’” and their honey-sweet love story.

Who is “Ayesha Curry”?

If you are passionate about cooking and like watching cooking channels on YouTube, you would probably know Ayesha Curry. She shares her cooking videos, parenting tips, and some fun family insights on her YouTube Channel, Little Lights of Mine, which makes it just the perfect fit for binge-watching. After making some guest visits on various movies, she started her own show which airs by the name of Ayesha’s Homemade, on Food Network. Despite not having any professional chef training, she has a successful culinary career and has written a published book ‘The Seasoned Life’. A mother of three adorable kids, Ayesha is frequently asked by her fans about her secret to a happy family.

Who is “Stephen Curry”?

Born in a family of basketball players, little Steph learned the intricacies of the game from his father, a 16-year old NBA veteran sharpshooter, Dell Curry. Steph had remarkable shooting ability and an impressive “basketball IQ”. Although these qualities did not land him any fancy scholarships, they did come handy when he entered the 2009 NBA draft.  This pro-basketeer has some amazing talents under his belt.Named the NBA MOST VALUABLE PLAYER twice, he is a six-time NBA All-Star champion. This man has an astounding ability to leave his fan awestruck by not only his basketball skills but also his immense love for his family and loyalty to his wife.

The Fairytale Lovestory of Ayesha and Steph Curry

Steph met Ayesha for the first time in 2002. She was a volunteer at a church in North Carolina. Ayesha had strict parents and wasn’t allowed to date in high school. But these little love birds found a way of conveying their love interest.  The mutual love they shared for candy, specifically Maynards Fuzzy Peach candy, lead them closer to each other. Ayesha would share the treats from her hometown Toronto and they would spend hours together.

Ayesha moved to Los Angeles after graduation and Steph got busy making his basketball career. Even though miles apart, Steph never forgot about Ayesha.

A few years later, they met again. The couple tied knots, in 2011. Its been ten years and the Currys’ are now a family of 5. Isn’t their story fascinating?

The Curry Family

The Curry family as also known as the First Family of NBA. It is also one of the most popular families with a huge fan following. The Currys’ are a family of five people,

  • Stephen Curry – Father
  • Ayesha Curry – Mother
  • Riley Curry – Oldest child
  • Ryan Curry – Middle Child
  • Cannon Curry – Youngest child

If we had to pick a modern-day ballad, we would pick this couple in a heartbeat. Despite having such different careers and swamped work schedules, they say they always make time for each other. We are guessing that is the magic ingredient of their love story!

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