“Animal Kingdom Season 5”:Is “Smurf” really dead?Or is this a ploy ?Is “Pam” part of bigger mystery?Click to know the cast,plot and more.

The Animal Kingdom is a family-centered American Crime and drama series. The show is a complete package consisting of thrill, action, drama, and a good storyline as well which takes the viewers on a gripping ride. It is based on the 2010 Australian film by David Michod, the drama’s fanbase and viewership has increased since the 2016 debut and was close to 18M for its last season. It is without any doubt that it had a successful 4 seasons until now and is ready for the fifth one on its way. The show’s fourth season released in May of 2019. After the success, the show was renewed for the fifth installation as quickly as in July 2019. However, we still don’t see any release. So, when is it planning to come out with a new season?


Release Date: “Animal Kingdom Season 5”

The Season 5 of Animal Kingdom may have received official confirmation, but the release date is nowhere to be seen, or neither did we hear any announcements. Previously fans assumed it to come out by  May 2020 considering the release time spans of the second, third and fourth seasons, but there is no hope now with the current worldwide situation. There can yet be a possibility of releasing the show in the fall of the upcoming year. It is quite normal for this kind of crime drama shows to take an almost 2-year long gap. In other instances, it was usually because of the complicated production process, but this time it is unfortunately due to the pandemic.

It is completely understandable that the current health crisis is the main reason for the delay. The entire entertainment industry around the world has come to a standstill  the reason being the coronavirus outbreak. The halt in production for Animal Kingdom Season 5 was announced on March 16, 2020, and no further info has yet been made official.

Cast: “Animal Kingdom Season 5”

The fifth season of the show can expect many actors for sure some of them being– Ellen Barkin as Janine aka “Smurf” Cody, Finn Cole as Joshua or “J”, Scott Speedman as Barry aka “Baz” Blackwell, Ben Robson as Craig Cody, Shawn Hatosy as Andrew or “Pope” Cody, Jake Weary and more. Although the story for Season 5 is still a mystery, fans still can’t stop predicting it. Season 5 might see the gang members unleashing their full potential.

Storyline: “Animal Kingdom Season 5”

The storyline of Animal Kingdom is centered around a family from southern California, whose exceptional way of living has got unpleasant with crimes of their own.  Finn Cole the artisan, who better came to be known as J after all his people were deceased, comes down to reside with the leader of the criminal family, Smurf. At the finale of the fourth season, the leader of the infamous Cody crime family dies to everyone’s surprise.

J begins to study and improve himself amidst the crimes of the students. So the story for the most part now will most probably be about how all the Cody family members are dealing with Smurf’s death and clashes among them for the highest position. That is why nothing more has been revealed about the plot but we can be assured that updates might be coming our way soon.

Plot: “Animal Kingdom Season 5”

There have been no plot revelations yet but at the streak, the last season ended there are a lot of possibilities on the way. Firstly, with the head of the family ending up dead there are surely going to be conflicts among family members for the position of a successor. Threats and destruction among the family are possible being a common thing in these circumstances. Besides now Smurf being dead, many dangerous people can end up attacking the plot knowing that the family being vulnerable at the moment and Smurf not being able to save them from the threats.

Another direction for the story could be discovering the real deal with Pam and the mystery behind Smurf leaving behind maximum fortune to Pam’s name. Was it just because of her kindness she or there’s a bigger picture to this? We might also see the return of Smurf and her death only being a tactic to know her family better. If not this she might still be there as flashbacks. All in all the 5th season of Animal Kingdom will be packed with a lot of surprises.

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