Who is “Ayesha Curry’s” love of the life? Click to know the latest rumours and the actual truth behind them!

“Love is in the Air for Ayesha Curry!” Ayesha Curry is a renowned Actress, Author, Television personality and is also much loved for her Culinary skills. But this is not what we are curious about this time. It’s her love life that has our eyes sparkling with excitement. The actress had just one relation in her entire life and she is married to hi. Yes, you read it right! Our beloved culinary genius is like a Swan-Swans have only one partner for life- in the dating department. The love of her life is none other than Star NBA Player Stephen Curry.

Here is everything you need to know about this pair of Soulmates! But before that have a look the Curry couple’s beautiful journey-

Ayesha Curry: Career

Ayesha aspired to be an actress in her earlier days. She appeared in the music video for “Too Young for Love” by Suga Prince (now known as Sevn Thomas) at a very young age of 12. She was also seen in bit parts for movies and also part of Underground Street Flippers (2009),  Dan’s Detour of Life (2008).  Post-marriage she started a food blog and YouTube channel. Although she does not have formal chef training still she is amazing in her work. She is the author of the famous cookbook  “The Seasoned Life”. She starred in various television shown including Ayesha’s Homemade, Ayesha’s Home Kitchen. She also hosted The Great American Baking Show.

On September 20, 2017, Curry became the first non-actress or singer, spokesperson for Cover Girl. She is also in a collaboration with Chef Michael Mina for the restaurant  International Smoke.

Ayesha is a Christian of strong faith. “Little Lights of Mine” her blog sells its own brand of extra virgin olive oil and donates 10% of the profits to the charity No Kid Hungry.

When Ayesha met Stephen!

This pair’s love history goes a long back then we can expect. They first met at a Church youth group in Charlotte when they were just 15 (Stephen) and 14(Ayesha) years old. But that was just their first sighting. The couple started dating years later as Ayesha was apparently not allowed to date in her High School. The two met in Los Angeles one night when Stephen was there for an awards show and Ayesha lived in the city for her acting career. This is when their love life started.  Ayesha soon moved back to Charlotte close to where Stephen was playing college basketball at Davidson College.

Did you know? Ayesha wasn’t too keen to date an athlete and she actually turned down Stephen for the First Date! But, Fate had something else planned for her.

They were going strong in their relationship until Stephen had to move to Oakland. Stephen had to do this to support his career. Yet, even with all the distance separating them the couple dealt with all the challenges together.

Marital Bliss for Stephen and Ayesha.

The couple got married on 30 July 2011. Stephen proposed Ayesha at the exact same spot where they shared their first kiss. The got married when Steph was 23 and Ayesha 22 and soon after they had their baby girl Riley. When asked about his early marriage Stephen said “I knew I had found the right woman and I wanted to start a life with her.” They had another baby girl Ryan and a Son, Canon in July 2018.

The couple had been going strong in their married life and still very much in love with each other.


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