F1 2020 My Team Names: Old teams, Driver-owned, funny names, news, updates, & more

F1 2020 is finally here.

Released worldwide today, gamers everywhere are diving into My Team and struggling to decide on what to name to use.

Maybe we can help.

Latest news – Review is live

Our F1 2020 review is live.

My Team is truly excellent, with a level of depth that means no one will have exactly the same experience.

Classic team names

A tried and tested route to go down is to opt for a team name that used to be on the grid in previous seasons.

Many now absent teams have won championships in F1, while some never really got off the ground. Will you pick one of these?

Lotus 72 F1 2019
CLASSIC BECOMES CURRENT: You can bring top teams of the past back to life in F1 2020

Lotus – They have been in and out of the sport, but with 13 titles to their name they have a legacy to revive.

Tyrrell – A pair of world titles in the 70s but fizzled out. Get them back on the grid for the first time since 1998.

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Brabham – The only driver to win a championship in his own car.

Manor – They never really had the chance to shine, now you can lead them to the front.

Aston Martin – Re-entering the sport in 2021, why not get a jump start and come into F1 2020?

Driver-owned teams

Former drivers have founded a lot of teams throughout F1’s history. Sir Jackie Stewart, Sir John Surtees, Sir Jack Brabham, Alain Prost, and more have created outfits in their own name but who can join the F1 2020 game grid?

Stewart F1 car 1998
FROM DRIVER TO OWNER: Many top drivers have gone on to found their own teams

Alonso GP – Fernando Alonso has founded his own karting outfit, so why not make an effort in the pinnacle of motorsport?

Team Senna – The triple world champion is regarded by some to be the best driver in the history of motorsport.

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Villeneuve GP – Gilles Villeneuve captured the imaginations of motorsport fans, and his son Jacques was the ’97 world champion.

Schumacher F1: Michael Schumacher is on the front of the deluxe edition this year, while his son Mick will be in the game as an F2 driver.

Hill Racing – Graham Hill set his own team up in the 70s but tragically died in a plane crash with his teammates in 1975. Son Damon won a championship in 1996.

Quirky names

Maldonado Motors – Pastor Maldonado has been wanting to return to Formula 1 and now you can give him the chance.

alonso sunbathing f1 2020 my team
RELAXED: Every team needs a boss that knows how to unwind

Ice Cream F1 – A mockup of a Raikkonen F1 team has done the rounds since Kimi joined Alfa Romeo and you can make it a reality.

Andrea Moda – Generally considered to be the worst team in the history of F1, imagine if you managed to get them to win a championship?

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Alonso Sunbathing – Another variant on a potential Fernando Alonso team is a livery involving Alonso’s famous sunbathing session in Brazil.

Felipe Baby – Felipe Massa has never lived down Rob Smedley referring to him as “baby” in a 2009 race.

What about a local name?

If you live in and around Western Europe there is a good chance that a former F1 team that used to be near you.

Those in Oxfordshire, UK could adopt the Benetton name. Players in central France could go with Ligier. Racers in northern Italy have Dallara.

In the end, you should pick something meaningful to you and not go off in the spur of the moment.

And remember, check your spelling!

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