“Guardians of The Galaxy 3” : Release Date, Starcast and a lot more interesting details about the most awaited “Marvel” blockbuster!

“Guardians of Galaxy”  is an epic space adventure movie by “Marvel” starring a tree and a raccoon as its protagonists. No matter how odd it sounds, it is the truth. Released in 2014, this movie became popular amongst the “Marvel” fans in no time. It is, undoubtedly, one of the gems of the “Marvel Universe”. Two parts of this movie franchise have been released and they have been well received by the audience so far. No wonder, fans cannot wait for the third part of the series to drop to the cinemas soon. So, here’s everything we know so far.

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Release Date: Guardians of The Galaxy 3

In a parallel universe, we would now be sitting in a theatre and watching “Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 3” as it was supposedly dropping in cinemas in this year’s summer. However, as per the reports from “The Hollywood Reporter”, given the present outbreak of ‘coronavirus, the production of the film has now been put off to August, it means that the release date is now uncertain. This might not the only reason behind the delay in the movie. Some behind-the-scenes drama involving the firing and rehiring of the writer-director James Gunn over some personal feud with Disney has added up to the delay. Fortunately, the issue has been resolved and the wagon is back on track.

Cast: Guardians of The Galaxy 3

At the premiere of “Guardians 2”, Zoe Saldana who plays Gamora in the movie series said, “I don’t even know if I’m in it,” gesturing to Gunn and adding, “Ask him when you interview him.”

That being said we don’t know exactly about Gamors’s presence in the film, but we can hope that the main members of the team survive the next couple of wars in the Avenger’s universe. The fans cannot bear another painful loss after the death of Groot.

To the delight of all the “Guardians’” fans, Gunn wrote in a Facebook post, “…In the end, my love for Rocket, Groot, Gamora, Star-Lord, Yondu, Mantis, Drax, and Nebula goes deeper than you guys can imagine, and I feel they have more adventures to go on..”

Plot: Guardians of The Galaxy 3

From Avengers: Endgame, it could be concluded that things have drastically changed for the “Guardians”. This time “Gamora” would be completely different as she is “Gamora” from the past who has no history with the “ Guardians”. Writer James has specifically confirmed that ‘Pom Klementieff’ would return as “Mantis”. Isn’t that good news?

Thanks to Gunn’s media post mentioning that “Guardians 3 “ would be kicking off the next 10 years of Marvel films, it looks like we’re going to witness another huge Marvel villain in the film. Rumor has it that it is going to be “Adams Warlock” because Marvel boss Kevin has spoken about the character’s relation to the film. “Adam Warlock’s arrival will not be until Guardians 3,” he told io9. This new character is not completely new to the Marvel Universe as he has made his cameo in Guardians: Vol 2. He is a big deal in the “cosmic” part of Marvel’s Universe as he has a reputation as both a good and a bad guy. We’ll be meeting Warlock properly in “Guardians 3”.

Given the present information about the movie plot, Marvel fans can expect a gripping end to this trilogy. All we have to do is sit tight and wait for the movie to reach the cinemas.

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