“The Dragon Prince season 4 ” Will be back?? Releasing date, caste and latest updates!!


The Dragon Prince series is an amazing imagination story which has a fantasy world, a world which is known as Xadia. This series is an American -Candian drama which has been created by two creative personalities, more with extraordinary skills are Aaron Ehasz and the game maker Justin Richmond also the series has been produced by Wonderstrom and animated by Bardel entertainment. The series is based on a fantasy world, a world of Xadia which is prosperous in magic and believe that magic has been derived from six such as the sun, moon, earth, stars, sky and the oceans. The tale tells us that the centuries, ago all the three creatures that are the dragons, elves and the humans live with harmony, but unfortunately, humans were not able to use the magic naturally so it led them to use the dark magic which resulted the continent Xadia to split into to two parts by massive river of lava and this lead to humans to move in the west.


The first season of the dragon prince was launched on 14 September 2018 which collected a huge fan base and so on the second season was launched on 15 February 2019 the season 2 has its revival with the season 3/in the same year launched on 22 November  2019. All three season ere premiered on Netflix and according to a report, IMDb has given the series 8.4/10 stars. With such a huge fanbase it again demanding for season 4 and it can be the last season for this series. This series contains a total of 3 seasons with 27 episodes which has a time interval of 25- 27 minutes. The short timing with such  creative content attract more viewers, this is the speciality of this show.


According to current news, Netflix has claimed that there will be the season 4 for the dragon prince but for the time it is not sure when it will be launched and since they don’t have given the specific date for the trailer but there is a chance that the trailer will be brought up by them by the end of this year till then only we have to hold our patience.


Since there are no specific dates for trailer and also it is the renewal of season 3 there can be a chance that new characters will be introduced in the season 4 with anew connection link which will be ending this series. As the main characters will going to be same in this series also the main characters of the series are Callum (the erzns 14th-year-old half brother), Rayla ( in the series she and Callum starts a romantic relationship), Erzan(10year old son of king harrow and Callum half brother)

Humans are viren( king arrows advisor and in one series antagonists), Claudia, soften and others may be playing the same character in these series. Now to look forward to more characters we have for the season 4 trailer.

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