Its Time for You to Grab Your Popcorn Bucket and See What Elle, Lee and Noah Have for You in the Store in the Sequel of “the Kissing Booth 2”!

Weekends and romantic comedies always go hand-in-hand to lift your energy and make you feel relaxed for the next two days. With “The kissing booth 2” getting released in our OTT platform in a few days, its time for us to revisit the lives of Rachel and Lee and what they have planned to do, to surprise us in the sequel!


The kissing booth hit the Netflix screens in 2018 and is of a teenage romantic-comedy genre. The story is about the girl Elle Evans, and her childhood best friend Lee Flynn. Both stack a set of rules in their friendship and one of the rules is not to date a family member of each of theirs. Unfortunately, Elle develops an interest for Lee’s elder brother Noah- recognized as the “hottest guy” or “Prince Charm” of the school. Noah too crushes Elle, and both enter a relationship concealing that from Lee- the rule-bound friend!

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Some or the other way, Lee comes to know the “secret” and breaks his friendship with Elle, while Noah prepares to set for Harvard University. Whether the rough patch smoothened between the besties, the relationship status between Elle and Noah, and Noah making it for The Harvard makes up the rest of the plot.
The movie was considered a commercial success, ignoring the reviews stating that, that had a cliched storyline. It was close to the heart of many teenagers as the movie exorbitantly portrayed what friendship is, what is meant to be true friends, regardless of the situations people face, and most importantly, friends are meant to “break the rules” of the rules drawn!
So, its here, for all the fans worldwide, presenting a gist on the yet-to-be-released sequel!


On the “Valentine’s day” of 2019, the team announced about the sequel and added that it will be released on “24th of July, 2020” on Netflix.
The production team also promised that the characters are being retained by their favourite stars of the prequel- starring Joey King (Elle), Joel Courtney (Lee) and Jacob Elordi (Noah) in the lead roles. And, the fact is that King and Elordi have reunited for this sequel after a break in their real-life.

With the trailer released two days ago, we could observe that the plot is based on perks of managing a long-distance relationship (based on the novel “The kissing booth 2- Going the distance by Beth Reekles) and the faces we meet along this path who may mend or bend our way of destination. The trailer shows such new important “faces” like Chloe (in Noah’s college) and Marco (portrayed as Elle’s classmate).
Due to the current situation, your plans may have succumbed, but make space for yourself and get ready to have some fun with the movie that is arriving right at the schedule! Happy watching!

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