“The Elder Scrolls 6”: Will “Redfall” be a part of “Bethesda’s” latest venture? Click to know release date, gameplay, and more!

Gamers, this is big! When Bethesda‘s Todd Howard went on stage at the E3 2018 show and announced the arrival of “The Elder Scrolls 6”, it was huge! Fans all over the world started gearing up and speculating what the legendary game would bring to their table this time!


Even though Bethesda promoted it as a “reveal,” it was a teaser under a minute. After that, they’ve remained completely shut about what we might expect from this game when it might release or even which interfaces it would run on! However, taking into account that it would be a follow up to the fifth game, “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim,” we do have some details for you!

As of now, the only thing they’ve confirmed on in the last two years that this game would be the title release for the next-gen models of gaming-Xbox Series X and PS5! But will they run on other interfaces as well? And more important! When is it coming out? Well, keep reading!

Release date: “The Elder Scrolls 6.”

It’s been two years since the teaser dropped at the E3 2018 event! So has Bethesda forgotten about it? No! They commented last year that it would take “a few years from now.” Well, we can’t blame them considering they have the latest installments of “Horizon Zero Dawn,” “Starfield” and “Fallout 76” coming out as well! So, only after they’re done with “Fallout 76”, will the gaming giants be able to focus on “The Elder Scrolls”!

According to our sources, Bethesda has started working on this project. However, Jeremy Soule, the music composer for the previous games “Skyrim” and “Oblivion,” has revealed that he hasn’t been approached yet. Considering how much focus the company imparts on the gaming experience of its users, it might take some time.

And the next-gen PS5 as well as Xbox Series X are set to come out this year during the Christmas Holidays. So, a mid-2021 release for the movie? Well, let’s see!

Gameplay: “The Elder Scrolls 6”

If you’re wondering what engine the game would be working on, well, everybody is aren’t then. According to the gaming nerd community, probably “The Elder Scrolls 6” will be running on the same “Creation Engine” that the previous installment, “Skyrim” used. “Creation engine” is the newer version of the more widely used “Gamebryo engine.”

Although there have also been speculations that maybe Bethesda is taking so long because they’re developing something new, we argue that would make the game way too buggy. The company won’t be making such a rookie mistake with their game-changer!

As for what we know about the game, probably it would be following “Skyrim’s” lead and be a sort of long haul game. What do we mean by that? It means that there would be a greater emphasis on replayability- little choices at the start of the game would change the plot and conclusion completely. So every time you choose a different option, it’s a new experience altogether. Recently, a lot of charts busting games like “Rainbow Six Siege” and “Dishonored 2” have been following this as well!

Trailer: “The Elder Scrolls 6”

Well, not a complete trailer, but Bethesda Studios had released a 36 seconds teaser of sorts. It does not reveal the entire story, but it does have some key points to it. In the teaser, we see that the followers of Peryite have been infected with some sort of plague to which they had no cure! There has also been mention of this infection starting from Daggerfall, one of High Rock’s kingdoms. So, this might be the main plot of the game!

Also, in 2018 Bethesda had started the process of trademarking the word “Redfall,” which further confirms our assumption whereby “Red” would represent the red boils the infections caused, and “-fall” would represent Daggerfall. But we can’t say for sure. We can just wait and watch! Till then, be safe and keep gaming!

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