“On My Block Season 4”:- Would the dynamic chemistry of the “Four” ever be the same again ? Click to know the release date, cast and more!

On My Block is a popular teen comedy-drama television web series. Creators of this amazing web series are Lauren Lungerich, Eddie Gonzalez, and Jeremy Haft. It is a  story about four bright, street-savvy friends navigating their way through high school in the gritty inner city of South Central Los Angeles and dealing with all the problems in their lives. And, despite it, how they manage their FriendshipFriendship and every time finds a way to come out of chaos. It is a Netflix series first aired on 16 March 2018 with ten episodes. with its success, creators premiered its 2nd and 3rd season on Netflix. Now fans are waiting eagerly for its 4th season.

Keep reading to know everything about “On My Block Season 4”- its release date, casts, plots.

Release date: “On My Block Season 4”

On my block comedy, drama found a special place among the audience’s heart; its first season premiered on 16 March and renewed for the second season, which aired on 29 March  2019 and the third season premiered on 29 APRIL 2019.   And without the official trailers, subscribers have started tuning to its updates and are eagerly waiting for the release of season 4. Due to the corona pandemic, there’s no definite news about the release date, but it is expected cast will soon give their fans good news about the upcoming season as they said they are also very keen about the season 4 of “ON MY BLOCK.”

Star cast: “On My Block Season 4”

The expected featured cast members of the show are  –

Reggie Austin, eric Neil Gutierrez, a Casselberg, troy Leigh, Raushanah Simmons, ads Luz plan, Emilio drivers, brent Werner, Gilberto Ortiz, Ezekiel Pacheco in the role of Monty funnier, Ruben Martinez, Raj Diaz, Kendra, Mrs Turner, Stacy Cuchillos Jaramillo, Chivo Ramirez, officer Hammel, cheat. 

Plot: “On My Block Season 4”

As the season ended at a disappointing point where four core friend’s relationships were on the verge of breaking. In the upcoming season, we would be able to find if four of them come back again to form an awesome group, or will they start living their separate lives and dealing with their life problems only. We might found if they miss each other or just starts fresh. We will also discover if Cesar will come out that gang and again be a good family man.


Storyline: ” On My Block Season 4″

“On My Block”  is an outstanding teen comedy-drama television web series. It is a story about four friends Monse, Ruby, Cesar, Jamal. They all going through their Highschools becomes very good buddies, share problems, and helps each other in Los Angeles. This series revolves around how these friends solve each other’s problems. They helped out their friend Cesar to get out of the bad gang and made him a family man . time in and out again; they engaged in romantic relationships. And at the end of season 3, their FriendshipFriendship is at the breaking point as all somehow found new friends and is engaged in their new life.  So, this series is all about Friendship, romantic relationships, and the constant danger they all have to face, especially due to their friend Cesar.


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