“Another Life season 2”: Is Niko Breckinridge a.k.a Katee Sackhoff returning in the upcoming season?

‘Another Life’ is a popular science fiction drama, in which an astronaut Niko Breckinridge assembles a crew and goes on the search for Alien Intelligence. Although the first season left the audience awestruck with its storyline and the graphics, the season 2 is soon to be announced. So before that happens, here’s all we’ve got!

Release date and schedule: ‘Another Life: Season 2’

On October 19, 2019, Netflix announced that they have given another season of this amazing science fiction a go. Katie Sackhoff took to twitter to announce the news of season 2 shortly after Netflix’s revelation.

As per the information available from various sources, the season 2 was supposed to be shot in March 2020, with the filming taking place in Vancouver, Canada. However, the plans for shooting were completely left into shambles due to the coronavirus pandemic. But, we finally have the updates regarding the new season’s release.  Netflix has confirmed that the filming of season 2 would begin on July 20th this year.

Cast:’Another Life Season 2′

It goes beyond doubt that the protagonist character of astronaut Niko Breckinridge would be played by Katee Sackhoff. However, there isn’t much news about the change of any other cast members as well. Therefore, if we go by the season 1 cast, then, Greg Hovanessian would play Beauchamp McCarry, Chanelle Peloso would play Petra Smith, Kendall Cross would be Dr. Maura Brebs and so does the similar starring list goes on.

Given the current scenario, the shooting of the next season might take longer than the anticipated time by the production house and the cast but it is worth the wait!

Expected Plot: ‘Another Life 2″

Given the twisted ending if the last season, the fans have plenty of unanswered questions, the answers to which could only be provided by another season.
After discovering the true intentions of Achaia of destroying or enslaving the entire human race, only the crew members of Salvare knows about the hidden motives of the alien race. Meanwhile, the earthlings are falsely celebrating the fact that Achaians are peaceful, it’s the responsibility of crew members to deliver the truth to the Earthlings. Hence, many questions needing many answers.

Storyline: ‘Another Life Season 2’

The storyline of the first season was about the discovery of the place where that artifact came from, and whether or not the aliens who sent it are friendly or not. However, after some nerve-wracking revelations from the ending of season 1, we could anticipate some more intriguing disclosures.

It does seem by the end of season 1 that the Archaia’s intentions for the Earth and its residents are worse than mere destruction of the entire planet. Even though, the ending of season 1 showed the journalist Harper Glass (played by Selma Blair) who was being mind-controlled, announcing to the world that the aliens pose no threat to the Earth and they come with all good intentions of befriending the Earthlings. But one could anticipate the cruel intentions of the Achaians to be of the enslavement of the entire human race.

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