Solo Leveling season 2 Release Date and where to watch the seasons free everything in here!

‘Solo Leveling’ is a South Korean web novel. This novel was written by Chu-Gong. The novel was published by D&C media, and it also got serialized later. The novel has licensed in English by Webnovel under the title Only I Level Up.

In Korea, the first publisher of this anime was Kakao Page. Kakao page is a monetized platform for content. This was mainly optimized for mobile devices. This service was launched in the year 2013 by Kakao Corp. It is basically is a digital marketplace that allows brands and individuals to create and to distribute visuals and audios. They also shared content such as manhwa and genre fiction. Now everyone has a doubt, what is ‘manhwa’? First of all, ‘Manhwa’ is the Korean term for comics. As we have seen, in Japanese, it is called ‘Manga’ and in Chinese known as ‘Manhua.’ The traditional meaning of all the three terms is the same, but considering the English language, both Manhwa and Manhua is something designed from the idea of Manga inspired comics. The first manhwa was published in the year 1908. Manhwa became popular in the United States in the 60s and 70s. Sanho Kim was the first Manhwa artist in the USA. He has worked with lots of comics creators, including Marvel.

First Manhwa


Webtoons also played an important role in Korea. It became popular in the 2000s since it was available free on the internet. Because of this reason, webtoons became popular all over the globe other than Korea. The whole world became a fan of webtoons. Adventures of God, Dr.Frost, are some of them.

Since March 2018, Solo Leveling was one of the reputed Korean webtoons. The webtoon was illustrated by Jang Sung Rak. As of now, two seasons of the webtoon have released. The first season was concluded in the year 2019. Solo Leveling also ranks as one the fan-favorite in the world of anime. Because of the high fan base, the webtoon had translated into different languages by fans.

The protagonist of the webtoon is Sung Jin-Woo. The plot is as same as that of Hunter x Hunter, Sung is also a hunter but here, he weakest of all. He was ranked ‘E’ among other hunters. He was barely stronger than an ordinary human. One day all the hunters, along with Sung, got trapped in a dragon dungeon. A few of them killed, and few survived. Sung was the only person to survive the whole trails in the dungeon. He was named as ‘player’ after this. After turning into a player, he’s able to see an interface showing him quests.

Since Solo Leveling was an incomplete novel, most of the content was created after making it a series. It was difficult for the director, but they were successful. Even though series have been made altogether, the novel rules above the series. The series is still streaming in many of the online platforms and even on YouTube. Recently, a signature campaign to add Solo Leveling in the list of anime series streamed through Netflix. The original novel is free to read in KakaoPage and Solo

In recent years, animation based Manhwas are rare in Korea. K-Dramas or Korean Dramas have took the place instead of animations. Live action series and movie adaptations Mahwa has made K-Dramas a way ahead. K-Dramas have moved Korea into another level. The storyline and creation is far more better and advance, than any other. A few of the Manhaw based K-Dramas includes, Boys Over Flowers, Flower Boy Next Door etc. All over the world K-Drama has millions of fans.

So, that’s all about Solo Leveling and a brief on history of comics in Korea.


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