PUBG Mobile Update 0.19.0: Release date, maps, weapons, changes, fixes, & more

The countdown to Season 14 is upon us, but while we’re waiting – a brand new update for PUBG Mobile is set to arrive with a bang very soon.

Update 0.19.0 is going to bring loads of new features and changes, let’s take a look at what to expect.

Update 0.19.0 release date

The new update 0.19.0 will arrive on 7 July.

pubg mobile season 14 update 0 19 0 1

Coming with it will be a huge array of content for you to explore and conquer.

New map – Livik

For the first time, PUBG Mobile will be getting an exclusive map!

Named Livik, this map has plenty of new building, areas and landscapes to discover while you battle your way to victory.

It even includes a waterfall which you can jetski down!

This map will be on the smaller side, having room for only 40 players per game.

New weapons

Two new weapons will be coming in with the new map.

Because it is smaller and aimed for quick 15-minute games the guns have higher fire-rates this time around.

Go to town with the rapid-fire P90 submachine gun – perfect for applying pressure in close-quarters, but definitely not what you want for long-range combat.

Or use the MK12 burst sniper rifle, allowing you to keep your distance from the target, but ensure that each successful hit is automatically followed up with a few more for good measure.

pubg mobile p90 hasarı e1589626277397
HIGH FIRE RATE: The P90 is known for its incredible fire rate, which comes in handy in a tight situation

Armory Arena

A new Evo-Ground mode, Armory Arena should be a busy game mode in the new update.

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This five-vs-five mode is effectively Gun Game, with 18 weapons being cycled through on each kill.

A new map called Library come in with Armory Arena.

Erangel 2.0?

It’s been nearly a year since Erangel 2.0 arrived for PUBG players, but it is still yet to hit PUBG Mobile.

In a recent dev talk, however, Tencent said that the map was getting its “final touches.”.

erangel map pubg mobile
WAITING: PUBG Mobile players are keen for the updated Erangel to finally arrive

No release date has been confirmed for it, but we can be hopefully that it will come with update 0.19.0.

New settings

Update 0.19.0 will also bring in the ability to enable or disable camera rotation while aiming down the sights.

There will be new colours for hit effects too.

Season 14 release date

While the update will arrive on 7 July, that isn’t when Season 14 starts.

Season 14 is expected to arrive on 13 July. This is the day after Season 13 ends.

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How to download the update

You can either choose to download the update manually, or set your phone to automatic downloads.

For ease, we recommend going with automatic downloads on either for both IOS and Android (be careful not to use up all your data though!)

The update will download, and you should be able to jump straight into the action!

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