PUBG Mobile Season 14 Skins: Commander, Pharaoh, Silver Soldier, Weapons, Update 0.19.0, Royale Pass, Leaks & More

PUBG Mobile Season 13 is approaching it’s final week of existence, and we couldn’t be more excited for what comes next!

While relatively little is known about the next season, some PUBG players have managed to un-earth some skins meant for Season 14.

Besides the leak, we’ve also got details on the upcoming Royale Pass and Update 0.19.0, so continue below for all the information.


Recently, a YouTube going by Classified YT has found a host of leaked skins for Season 14, as well as information on the upcoming Royale Pass!

pubg mob
ALL GOOD THINGS COME TO AN END: Season 14 will take players onto the next part of the PUBG Mobile story

Some of the most notable leaked cosmetics including outfits for characters, and weapon skins of course!

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Continue below as we take you through the standout items of the dig.


The ‘Commander’ skin will be part of the Season 14 Royale Pass.

pubg mobile leaked skin season 14 6
ATTENTION! It is still unclear what tier you will have to grind to for this one

The outfit comes fitted with a silver cape, as well as a full uniform.

It is unclear which tier you’ll need to grind to, to unlock this skin, so we’ll have to wait for Season 14 to find out.


So there’s going to be a Pharaoh skin, and it’s going to have a male and female variation.

pubg mobile leaked skin season 14 3
EGYPT’S LANDS: The Royale Pass provides players with an easy way to unlock cosmetics.

We will also receive different colour outfits so that you can fully customise your loadout.

Silver Soldier

Finally, there’s the ‘Silver Soldier’, but there’s no silver cape on this one!

pubg mobile leaked skin season 14 1
THAT’S CLASSIFIED: A Youtuber that goes by Classified YT has managed to unearth a bunch of secrets

It’s slightly ambiguous as to where this character fits in with the Season 14 theme, but all it’ll become clearer with time.

Update 0.19.0

PUBG’s official twitter has announced that Update 0.19.0 is primed to arrive on 7 July!

pubg twitter
IN WRITING: There’s no speculation about this information since it came right from the top!

We’re expecting a bunch of gameplay improvements, as well as the brand new map Livik!

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You can also bank on new cosmetics for players and their weapons as part of the royale pass rewards.

Royale Pass

The new Royale Pass will arrive alongside Season 14, which is rumoured to start late on 12 July.

royale pass 1
CONTENTS: Though it may set players back, the upcoming Royale Pass is expected to feature some insane extras

That said, we are expecting the Royale Pass to be fully implemented by 13 July.

The Elite Royale Pass will cost 600 UC, and the Elite Plus Royale Pass will cost a whopping 1800 UC!

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