F1 2020: AI improvements will lead to cleaner racing, career mode, defending, overtakes & more

In a month’s time, F1 gamers will be getting their hands on F1 2020 worldwide.

We can’t wait for this year’s official Formula 1 game to hit shelves, but what’s new and improved with regards to the AI?

The AI in racing games is crucial to the players’ experience. A dumb artificial intelligence can ruin the immersion but there isn’t any danger of that being the case for F1 2020.

We’ve got everything you need to know about F1 2020’s AI right here!

Putting the intelligence in AI

f1 2020 Ricciardo screenshot
WHEEL-TO-WHEEL RACING: F1 2020’s AI will allow for edge of your seat action

Codemasters have improved the AI in the F1 games immeasurably over the past few years. The days of the computer controlled cars sticking to the racing line like trains on railway tracks are long gone.

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In F1 2019, the AI weave on the straights to break the slipstream and hug the inside line to defend their position. This makes them a more challenging opponent and much closer to the action we see in Formula 1.

Improving upon this already impressive AI was never going to be easy, but Codemasters don’t settle for mediocrity.

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In a recent interview, Lee Mather has revealed what Codies have been working on with regards to the AI. Here’s what the Director of the F1 games had to say:

“The AI are a constantly ongoing and evolving project… We’re always striving to improve the AI in all areas.”

“The overtakes they [the AI] are pulling off this year are much cleaner and that’s because we’ve given them more confidence with the steering.”

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Mather also stated that the issue with the AI pushing the player off the circuit on corner exit has been corrected for F1 2020.

Strength in diversity

Hanoi screenshot F1 2020 1
ALL-NEW GAME: F1 2020 brings improvements in every aspect of the game

The variations in driving styles is key to how authentic the AI in F1 2020 feel. For example, some AI will be controlled going into the first corner, while another will dive down the inside in an attempt to climb the order.

“The dynamism of racing with the AI is almost as strong as if you’re racing with a bunch of people.”


That definitely rings true, as each AI driver attacks the first lap and the driver(s) in front in a unique way.

How improvements have been achieved

F1 2020 Suzuka screenshot Ricciardo Renault
PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT: Codies have had plenty of time to hone their craft

Mather didn’t explicitly say it, but the new handling model for F1 2020 has probably played a part in the smoothness of the AI.

If you’re concerned about the AI perhaps being not as aggressive in this year’s game as a result of that, don’t be:

“The level of aggression [from the AI] is equally as strong [as in F1 2019].”

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For F1 2020, traction is smoother and braking distances have also decreased. Thanks to that, if anything, the AI will be more confident when attempting overtakes.

The true test of how good the AI are though, will be after the game releases. It’s one thing to read about it and another to play and experience it yourself.

F1 2020 will be released on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia on 10 July.

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