How Tech Made It Easier To Boost Home Security And Privacy

In the past, installing things like surveillance cameras and motion sensors were things only the ultra-rich could afford. As technology has advanced and has now become a lot more affordable, even the average person can easily improve their home security using technology without breaking the bank. In fact, even things that are relatively high-end solutions aren’t that expensive and you can easily get a very thorough security system for a reasonable price. More importantly, the latest security systems give you the ability to monitor your property and improve security in ways that are just not possible without technology.

For instance, having a monitoring camera means you have an eye on your property no matter where you are. You could be on the other side of the country or even the planet but you can easily log into your security portal and get a live view of what is happening in your home or business. If it is nighttime, you don’t have to expose your security systems as you can use infrared and night vision cameras to get a picture as clear as day without using any kind of lighting on the property itself.

If you are looking to improve the security and safety of your home or business here are a few things you should consider.

1.  Cameras

One of the most commonly used technologies for improving security is cameras. While cameras don’t do anything to actively fight off attackers they still act as a fantastic form of deterrence and evidence. Even though the amount of theft has decreased in the past couple of years the value of each robbery has increased. There are a lot of camera options available but even a basic one will be a great way to keep potential attackers from eyeing your property. You can take this a step further with cloud-based storage. As there is no physical device that the cameras store the footage they record on, there is nothing the attackers can do to remove the evidence that the camera records. Usually, criminals will steal the hard disk that the camera is recording videos on to clear the evidence. With cloud-based systems, the information is stored remotely, so no matter what they do, you always have the evidence you need to find the criminals when you get back.

2.  Remote Locks

The most obvious way into the house is through the doors and the gate unless the attackers are feeling very creative. Traditional key locks might seem secure but they aren’t that difficult to crack open. An attacker with even a bit of knowledge about locks will easily be able to open one using basic tools. Australia-based security specialists at suggest that you invest in smart locks to secure doors, gates, and even windows. Many smart locks on the market today come with a keypad through which you input your passcode to gain access. Slightly higher-end versions come with biometric verification. This can include things like fingerprint sensors, facial recognition systems, or retina scanners. This is a foolproof system that significantly increases security.

3.  Alarms

Just like locks and cameras, there are also a lot of different alarm systems that you can purchase for your home or business. Most alarm systems rely on a mix of input sources such as motion sensors, audio input, and video input to evaluate the situation. More advanced systems will even notify the police in the case that the alarm is triggered while DIY solutions and basic home alarms will only notify the homeowner. There is always the chance of a false alarm or a sensor simply being faulty but you can easily overcome these problems with some basic tips. Systems that notify the police directly are managed by professional monitoring centers. There an expert will personally look out for your house and respond to the situation when an alarm is triggered.

If someone breaks into your house they will be breaking in with the objective to steal something. This can be something like an expensive TV or other valuable items such as paintings, cash, or precious stones stored in the house. In order to improve security, you need to take the storage of valuables seriously. While it is difficult to secure things like TVs and stereo systems, for things like cash and jewelry you should definitely have a safe. The better the safe, the harder it will be to access. You should also hide the safe in a discreet location. If you are going to be out of town for a couple of weeks let your neighbors know so they can keep a lookout but don’t publish this information online. Overall, installing a few smart security measures on your property will help you ensure that your home or business stays secure and is safe against break-ins and thefts.

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