How Can Technology Improve Your Business Events

It’s amazing how many aspects of modern business have been enhanced by technology. This could be anything from the use of AI to cloud computing and CRM systems. One area that many people are unaware of is how technology can improve their business events. When used correctly, it can become a central element to the entire proceedings from start to finish.

If you’re wanting to get into specifics, read on because this article may be something that can help you with your business events.

What Are Business Events?

Whether they are conferences, trade shows, workshops or seminars, business events are designed to help companies grow and prosper. They can be for employees only or for existing and potential clients. It could involve having a stall at a generic business conference, or a room where you educate people in your industry on a specialist work subject.

Technology can make business events easier to organize and run, and if you don’t use it at your event(s) it could cost you money and clients.

You Can Host Hybrid Events

They are events that combine the best of what both online and offline worlds have to offer. They allow you to leverage web-based tools for an enhanced in-person meeting experience. They can help drive your business forward by leveraging technology such as video conferencing so that people all over the world can connect at any time.

There’s plenty of relevant information and services that can be found on specialist internet sites. You can discover that hybrid events combine both virtual and live events; not only can you live stream them but you can also record the proceedings for distribution afterward. The possibilities include virtual audience engagement and networking tools, virtual registration, secure login, downloads and replays and a virtual lobby area for delegates.

You Can Host Virtual Events

The benefits here include a greater turnout, decreased costs and more flexibility. Remote events can be live-streamed for remote participants to watch the event as it happens (not recorded or put on YouTube later). They reduce the need for lost time and money connected to business travel. People can watch them from home or hotel rooms, using a variety of different platforms (PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones).

Remote events are hosted on platforms like Skype, WebEx etc. The participants will need their own username and password to access the platform remotely. Live-streaming is either accessed free or through a paid service.

You Can Use Electric Billboards

An electric billboard is basically any electronic display that has been designed for outdoor use. Having said that, similar devices can be placed around auditoriums and conference centers. These displays come with powerful processors that offer amazing capabilities like animation, video clips and audio/music. You could bring up anything on the screens, from the podium speakers to the seminar timetable or onsite information and services.

Electric Billboards are also a great way to advertise your business events. They provide a way to get your message out quickly and effectively, with large-scale visual impact that can’t be ignored by passersby. Generally speaking, once people have seen an important ad or promotional display enough times during the day, it will stick in their mind, and potentially drive event attendance or sales.

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Use It For Presentations, Slideshows And Videos

As technology advances, presentations are becoming more interactive and informative to maximize audience engagement. With the use of relevant content in a presentation, you can better communicate with your audience so that they can fully understand what you are saying. Slideshows have become an important part of presentations because they allow individuals to go back and forth with specific information throughout their talk. This can include the use of charts and statistics.

Videos can be extremely helpful when communicating with your audience about different topics. They can provide people with a change of scenery in that they don’t need to keep looking at the speaker all day!


It Can Help You With The Organisation

A lot of people use their Google calendar for personal reasons, but it’s also a very useful tool to help you organize your business events. It can be used on any type of device – smartphone, tablet or computer. It’s compatible with iOS , Android and Blackberry OS too. You need an internet connection in order to access it through the browser on any platform that supports HTML standards.

Google calendar works as a planner where you set dates/times for certain tasks or events. Each “event” will have its own color so they’ll be easier to spot among the other things scheduled at the same time. This software allows you to input all the necessary event information, which can then be sent out as invites to your attendees. They can choose to accept or reject, and if they accept, it will go into their calendars as well.


You Can Provide Wireless Internet Access

If you’re claiming to be a hi-tech company it’s great if you can provide this for your delegates when they arrive at the event. They can then enjoy internet access in a similar way you can at some train stations, airports or cafes. If you provide wireless internet access it will be much faster than using a wired connection. You can allow people to choose which wifi network they want to join or create one specifically for your event, so that there are no interruptions during the presentations.

In addition, if someone has an important business call coming in, they won’t have any issues with reception. This is because wifi routers don’t experience dropped calls due to lack of signal strength like you do with cell phones.

Once companies add a new layer of technology to their businesses they rarely look back. The same thing applies to the improvements you can make to your business events. Both you and the delegates will enjoy the added benefits that technology can provide. Not only may things run smoother than ever during the event, but it may also help generate revenue for your company.

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