How To Beat Grand Theft Auto’s Three Card Poker

Grand Theft Auto is a unique video game with a rich history.

It is the only title to span three generations of consoles and remains as popular as ever. It’s had no dramatic remasters, no rereleases, just episodic content added to its online version. It’s doubtful players still spend their time as Trevor, Michael or Franklin, but the city of Los Santos is as popular as ever.

That’s entirely due to the GTA Online version of the game and the constant updates. From motorcycle clubs to chop shops or nightclubs to the Diamond Resort and Casino, GTA has delivered regular content to keep gamers amused. The most popular with gamers seems to have been the Diamond Resort and Casino, which introduced new missions and a chance to get those in-game dollars rolling in with traditional games.

One of the elements you could enjoy was three-card poker, a basic version of the world’s most popular card game. Whatever poker variant you play, explains how the fundamentals remain the same, such as the hand ranking charts. In GTA’s basic version, all you have to do is worry about the cards you’re dealt and those the dealer gets. There are big rewards on the table for those willing to work the system; for instance, you can win up to $600,000 in one hand. Bear in mind; the controversial Great White Shark cash card will cost you around $11, meaning in real terms, you could win credits to the value of $5.50 for nothing.

There is a work you can use to never lose at three-card poker on GTA, and if you want to rack up those in-game credits and don’t mind how you do it, you can quickly get the money for your next car or property. How? We’ll explain here.

There are a couple of places to find three-card poker in GTA, as explains. You can find tables to the rear of the casino, or you may have a high-roller one in your penthouse. The latter is recommended, so you have privacy during your game and only have the dealer to beat. Before you start, make sure you have two outfits saved in your inventory, one you’re wearing and one to switch to.

Get dealt into a hand and up your wager to the maximum both on the ante and pair plus. Play the hand, and you either win or lose. If you win, step away from the table, enter the outfit menu and change your outfit. This essentially saves your game and your winnings. It’s time to then step back to the table. As the cards are turned over, if you lose, exit the application completely by turning off the game.

By exiting immediately, your wager is returned to you, which means you never actually lose. However, if you win and change outfits, you keep the money you have won. You can never lose; it is a loophole that hasn’t been closed by patches and one that allows you to collect immense wealth if you have the patience.

If you have a moral issue with that process, think about this; you’re playing a game that actively encourages you to rob banks, steal cars and beat people up. The time for moral decisions came when you picked the game up off the shelf.

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