Best Mods in ‘Tekken 7’ – You’ll regret MISSING OUT on these!

Every kid (especially boys) have played ‘Tekken 7’ at least once in their life. It’s been four years since the game came into existence, and it has claimed a remarkable amount of fanbase. Tekken 7 is worth the hype. The creators have been continuously improving the game to give it played the best of experience. You must be searching of best mods of tekken so here we will provide you the best mods of tekken 7.

To spice up your gaming experience, even more, we have put together the list of all the best mods of ‘Tekken 7’. These will help you get your favorite characters from San Andreas to Virtua Fighter’s looks.

Bonne Jennet Mod -{Tekken 7 Mods}

We believe that patriarchy can not stop girls from playing these savvy video games.  ‘Garou from Mark Of Wolves’ is one of the most savage female fighter characters ion the world of video games. The stylish purple dress with that thigh-high slit and the band that holds the gun is one of the most desired looks. The Bonne Jennet mod enables the players to customize their character’s looks, making it look like Garou from the Mark of Wolves.

You should give this look a try and spice up your game!


Male Tuxedo Mod- {Tekken 7 Mods}

Dont think that we forgot all the male players out there. We have something to upgrade your style too. You can break skulls and still look dapper and sharp. Do you ever look at Heihachi Mishima and think that this character’s body is perfect for a tuxedo? We are on the same page as you. And thus, here we have the ‘Male Tuxedo Mod’ that will turn your street fighter into the high-end mafia.

You can choose from a variety of colors, mix and match the outfit from the collection of tuxedos available. No judgments for any look you want, so go wild!

The Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Music Jukebox

Music makes everything better, and the hard metal music of this mod will make you want to smash that face of your enemy a little harder. This theme is way too cool to compare with the mediocre background music of the other video games. We can say from personal experience, and the music gets you feeling like a badass mafia with the world under his feet.

Once you enter this mode, you will find it hard to play without the upbeat music. Dont believe us? Try it for yourself!

Honmaru Mod- {Tekken 7 Mods}

Remember the days when ‘Tekken 4’ ruled all the PCs and Laptops and Honmaru level was all the rage? We miss that gorgeous and spooky set-up too. The Tekken 7 creators seem to love that stage, but just like everything else about the game, they have decided to increase the level of this stage too.

Imagine a beautiful Buddhist shrine on a scary location in the darkest hour of the night. It is chilling. Tekken 7 features this location in the mod Mishima Dojo. After activating the Honmaru level, you will get to see Mishima Dojo mod in its sinister look.

Faster Loading Speed

The mere thought of standing in long lines, waiting for buffering videos, and slow modes in video games would strike a nerve in our minds only if there were some way to increase the speed of these sluggish characters.

We have a piece of good news for you. If you switch to this handy mod, you will notice a significant decrease in the loading time of the stages. But there are no such things as free lunches. This mod glitches the visuals a little bit and surround the combatants with a green orb. These changes would remind you of the painful times from Ballz 3D, but it is all worth it.

The Joker Make-up – [Tekken 7 Mods]

Who doesn’t know the legendary Joker (played by Heath Ledger) from the Dark Knight? As a special gift for all the joker fans presents around the world, we have this little offering for you. You can now spice up the look of the character named Bryan to make him look exactly like the villain from the Dark Knight. He certainly has a better body than Joker does.

However, the makeup won’t change the moves of your character but will surely give your player an edgy look.

Heihachi’s Xiaoyu School Cosplay [Tekken 7 Mods]

Yes, we agree that we took it too far this time with the school cosplay thing. But you should take a look at these cute little outfits on the scary mafia face of Heihachi Xiaoyu. Doesn’t he look adorable?

It is the perfect way to make him payback for all the dreadful things he has done, like killing you in your sleep! The outfit change won’t get in the form of his fights. He would play with the same rigor, but his changed style might inspire you to do something new. We assure you that you will not regret this decision.

All the Tekken 7 mods mentioned above will enhance your gaming experience and make you fall in love with ‘Tekken 7’. We encourage you to go beyond all the stereotypes and push your characters to a different level.

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