The Hater: Did Tomasz take his revenge from the Krusackis? Ending Explained! Click to know details!

The Hater is a thriller crime drama film of polish origin. It first premiered on March 6, 2020. Jan Komasa is the director of the film, while Mateusz Pacewiz is the writer. The film received the award for the Best International Narrative Feature at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Although the film is not an adaptation of a real-life incident, it does relate to real-life situations concerning the use of social media as psychologically manipulating. The Hater presents a scenario where online hatred can lead to severe life-changing moments and possible deaths. The assassination of  Paweł Adamowicz, city mayor of Gdańsk, is a real-life example of online hate. The mayor, frequently subjected to online trolls and haters. The incident of stabbing him to death took place three weeks after filming was complete.

Filming primarily took place in Warsaw, Poland, and wrapped up in December 2018. According to some, The Hater is presumably a sequel or a spin-off to Jan Komasa’s Suicide Room (2011).

The film received positive feedback from critics and viewers alike. The critics described the film as a thrilling crime story of an anti-hero and the theory of survival of fittest. The film received praise for delivering a commendable moral.

The Hater: Cast

The polish entertaining drama film consists of a spectacular cast. According to critics, the cast of the film has executed the plot immaculately.

The star cast of the Hater includes:

  • Maciej Musiałowski plays the character of Tomasz Giemza
  • Vanessa Aleksander in the role of Gabriela ‘Gabi’ Krasucka
  • Agata Kulesza as the character of Beata Santorska
  • Danuta Stenka plays the character of Zofia Krasucka.
  • Jacek Koman in the role of Robert Krasucki
  • Maciej Stuhr plays the part of Paweł Rudnicki
  • Adam Gradowski plays the character of Stefan ‘Guzek’ Guzkowski

The Hater: Plot


The story revolves around Tomasz Giemza, a law student ousted from his university for plagiarising his work. Disgraced because of his conduct, benefactors of Tomasz, the wealthy Krasucki family, also turn his back against him. Furthermore, they shun their daughter, Gabi, from seeing him either. Tomasz realizes the only way to make a mark, is to increase his social standing. He starts working at a public relations company.  Gradually, Tomasz excels at spreading fake news, online trolling, and targeting celebrities and famous personalities. As time passes, he uses his online skills to stalk, harass, and finally control the wealthy Krasuckis.

Furthermore, Baeta, his new boss, impressed with Tomasz’s work, assigns him to defame the politician, Pawel Rudnick.  He follows the book, Sun Tzu’s, Art of War, and plans a strategy to bring down not only Pawel but also exact his revenge from the Krasuckis.

The Hater: Ending Explained

The Hater narrates a gripping tale of online hatred and its consequences. The film is a psychological thriller, where the main character weaves his way through mind games, manipulating others.

In the finale, Gabi turns up at the support committee and apologizes to Tomasz for ignoring him. The apology, strikes a chord in the heart of Tomasz, making him question his motives. But soon after, the arrival of Guzek and the massacre changes everything. The antagonist turned hero, Tomasz takes down Guzek and becomes a hero nationwide. Moreover, he also gains the respect of the Krasuckis, earning his old life back.

Later we see, Tomasz threatening Baeta never to disclose that it was him behind the massacre, or else he will reveal her secrets too. Somehow, in the end, Tomasz ends up owning the PR Company. As he sits with Krasuckis sharing grief, the audience questions the end of his evilness.

For Tomasz, the movie may have come on a positive aspect, but his manipulation and evil character should be in due consideration.

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